Smarter everyday: Let’s design your learning plan!

Hello, my dear readers! How have you been doing? Myself, I’m fighting hard to stay on the right learning track. That’s truly a difficult project. Why did I call it a project? Well, it requires daily effort, and more than one task to be completed, therefore it is a project, and should be treated like one, too. For the project to be managed effectively, we need to split it into smaller, manageable tasks. I am aware of that, and yet I failed on a big scale. Why? I haven’t created my learning plan yet! As a result, my learning time’s not fixed, and I’m more likely to skip it. That’s why today, as I’m coming up with my own learning plan, I’ll share with you some tips on how to design it!


Let the game begin. Shall procrastination not be our sin. 

  1. Determine what requires daily effort, and what can be done, when you have more free time – for example during a weekend. 

Wanting to do everything at once can be a problem. We start, but the work seems to pile up and up and up. There’s a difference between priority and urgency – the latter one can’t be done later. Let’s think about what can be done when we have more free time. Myself, I can read my favorite books, watch TED talks and write blog posts during a weekend, and focus on learning during a workweek. By doing this, I’ll be prepared for classes, yet still able to do what I love. Not everything has to be done immediately, so let’s plan accordingly.

          2. Set a fixed study time

This one is particularly important. Choose the particular time of the day for studying, and stick to it. Of course, anything could happen, but try to avoid skipping the learning dates you’ve set. Consistency is a key to success. As Aristotle  said:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

   3. Write it down

It’s easier to keep promises if we remember about them! By writing  your learning plan down, you are more likely to stick to it. If you add it to your calendar, along with your regular schedule, it will become a part of your daily plan. That’s exactly what we want. Give a word more power by writing it down. In your head, it gets lost among many other thoughts, and outside your little mind it stands a chance not to be forgotten, so what are you waiting for?  Make it happen!

4. Find and write down ways to reward yourself

They say no pain, no gain. It is, without a doubt, a true statement, nevertheless, our mind needs more tempting promises not to crack. Reward yourself. Make yourself interested in what’s in store if you stick to the plan. I came up with a simple idea: if I learn Arabic every day, and do at least 80% of my weekly plan, I can buy myself an amazing coffee in my favorite cafe. Might seem like a little thing, but it still makes me happy and motivates me to learn. No Arabic practice, no coffee! Define what you love, and work for it. Extra coffee, going to a party, watching Netflix – whatever makes you feel good, can be a reward for your daily hard work.

That would be it for today. Thanks for sticking with me! May the force be with you! 

Do you plan, when to learn? Are you organized? What are your tips to stay on the right learning track? Let me know in comments!

Have a lovely day,


TV show to cheer me up on rainy days!

Hello, guys! How are you doing? Is autumn’s blues playing on your heart strings as if you were a guitar? It surely can be both depressing and lovely to fall into autumn’s arms, and I’m loving and hating it at the same time. Poland is very charming now, but the weather’s quite variable: one day it even snowed, and the day after it was very warm! With such rapid  changes in nature, it’s easy to become depressed. I know it very well, so this year I’ve been preparing a bit to fight it before it becomes a thing. How you may ask? Looking for something to cheer me up on rainy days! Because when everything else fails…  it doesn’t!  Here, I have a pleasure to introduce you a TV show, which is  my mood-saving superhero! 


You might already know it. It’s very popular, especially in the USA, but it’s one of these TV shows, which can actually live up to the hype they have created. Real talk here.

“The big bang theory” is an American sitcom, which premiered on CBS in 2007. Since then, it has had nine seasons. It tells the story of two genius physicists – Sheldon and Leonard, whose lives change forever once a beautiful girl moves into an apartment across the hall. Penny – this is how she’s called – is a simple Southern girl, dreaming of becoming an actress. She’s no math genius, but rather a regular person, and therefore, she’s like an Earthquake in the men’s orderly, scientific world.

She shows them how little they do about life outside the lab, as they gradually become friends. Here come other hilarious characters: Raj, who never speaks in front of women because he’s too shy, and Howard Wolowitz, whose unsuccessful attempts at seducing the opposite sex make every episode even funnier.

“The big bang theory” shows their journey through hills of the unknown, unexpected and undiscovered, and that’s truly a great ride to take! Especially considering the amazing cast: Johnny Galecki as Leonard, brilliant Jim Parsons as Sheldon, Kaley Cuoco as Penny,  Simon Helberg as Howard, Kunal Nayyar as Raj and many more wonderfully hilarious actors.

Why does it make my blue days a bit more cheerful, you may ask?  Besides being funny, it also shows that it’s okay to be smart, and it’s more than okay to work hard for it. I absolutely love it. You can watch the trailer here:

The second reason is Sheldon. It’s one of the greatest characters that have ever been created in TV shows. I’m not even kidding. His facial expression, everything he says — it’s brilliant. Every single time. He’s a true star of the show.

To sum up, I would totally recommend you to give this TV show a chance. It may be worth it. In my case, it truly makes my day better, when everything’s terrible. Worn out, and depressed, I take a 20-minute break to watch this TV show, and I feel better afterwards. That’s more than enough for me. Maybe for you, too.

That’s it. Thanks for sticking with me! I truly appreciate the fact you exist. I hope you are doing fine. Lately, I have been busy with my university classes, but I’m doing my best to blog at least twice a week. There’s new “Thinking outside the box” post coming soon, so stay tuned! The last thing: please check out my friend’s blog and show her some love, charlottearoundtheworld is truly wonderful!

What are your favorite TV shows? Do you have any tips for autumn blues? Do you like “The big Bang theory”? Let me know in comments!

Have a lovely day,


5 greatest lessons from the Great Gatsby

Hello, my dear readers! Are you enjoying October, or would you rather make it end right now? I must admit I’m both loving and hating it at the same time, so I couldn’t give you my answer. As a book lover, I read a lot, and I adore lots of books. Each of them leaves its trace, even the slightest one, in my soul, so it’s hard to pick favorites. However, there’s one extraordinary work, which holds a special place in my heart – “The Great Gatsby” by Scott Francis Fitzgerald.  My absolute number 1.

I have learnt so much from this book, and I believe that it built me in more ways I could ever imagine. Here are 5 greatest lessons I learnt from “The Great Gatsby”!

  1. Don’t hold onto the past.

I don’t want to spoil the book for those, who have never read it, but I have to say that page by page we are able to follow the story of somebody, who couldn’t let the past go, and consequences of this behaviour are truly deadly. Spoiler alert now – don’t be like Gatsby, who was foolish enough to think he could repeat the past. It happened and it will never happen again no matter how hard you try. It could be similar, but never the same again. I remind myself about it each time I want to revive something what’s already dead. Production of zombies is good for Apocalypse, but I wouldn’t like my life to be an apocalyptic movie. I bet neither would you.  Nevertheless, sometimes we do it anyway, because as Fitzgerald wrote:

So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.


           2. Tell no to idolising people

I’m guilty of this one too often. I get fascinated with people quickly, and I tend to create the idea of a person, rather than see somebody just the way he is. It doesn’t take me long to see through them, once my short fascinations end, but it’s still dangerous. Why? People are only people, flesh and bone. I’m not the idea of a person, but the person, and so are you and anybody else. No matter how great somebody is, they will never be as perfect as you pictured them. They will hurt you, and you will probably hurt them too because perfection doesn’t exist.

There must have been moments even that afternoon when Daisy tumbled short of his dreams — not through her own fault, but because of the colossal vitality of his illusion.

          3. Refrain from judgement

That’s a hard thing to do. We judge each other all the time because it’s easy and everybody does it. It’s way harder to try to understand, right? It requires some effort to refrain from judgement. A good tip to always remember: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone […] just remember that all the people in this world haven’t had the advantages that you’ve had.” Simply said, yet how true it is! We look at everything from our 5th floor, forgetting it could look different from the 10th floor.

Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.


         4. It takes two to make an accident

When something goes wrong people look for somebody to blame. Usually, one person becomes a so-called scapegoat, so everyone could be happy. The thing is that in life, it’s mostly not that simple – it takes two to make an accident. Don’t put the blame on each other, until it’s a pointless war. Very often both sides have their fair share in whatever went wrong.

It takes two to make an accident.


         5. Appreciate people today, not only tomorrow

How often do you tell your friends and family how much they mean to you? How often do you tell them “thanks for being here”? How often are you grateful for them? We rarely practice gratitude and we should. Nothing’s ours, not even the present day.

Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.


That’s it. I highly recommend you to read “The great Gatsby” if you haven’t done it yet. It’s truly a brilliant work, and  suitable for the busiest of us with its 122 pages to read. I can assure you it won’t be a wasted time. Thanks for sticking with me – I hope that you liked what you found here!

What are your favorite books? Have you ever read “The Great Gatsby”? Let me know in comments!

Have a lovely day,


6 reasons to love Argentina!

Hello, guys!  How are you doing? Myself, I’m still looking for the best ways to organise my college life, and I can honestly say life has never been better and worse at the same time. I guess that’s the magic of the change: it leaves us hanging at the edge of  falling down, and yet shows us the thrill of flying. Each time I’m about to break down I remind myself of something beautiful I am yet to see and experience, and then the darkness fades away a little bit. One of these little dreams, which make my heart calm down, includes Argentina, because honestly: how could you not love its outstanding beauty? Here we go with 5 reasons to love Argentina!

1. Patagonia


I couldn’t start this list with anything else. Even though I’ve never been there, I think pictures don’t lie: it’s one of the loveliest places on the Earth. Patagonia is  located at the southern end of South America  and shared by Argentina and Chile. There are The Andes mountains, the deserts, steppes and grasslands and anything you would need to feel completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the world. I keep staring at the pictures, and God, I want to go there someday. I have to. I will.


2. Buenos Aires


I bet each of you has heard about this city at least once in your life. Tales about its magic keep spreading all the time. It’s often called “Paris of South America” due to its rich European heritage. It has also been home for many artists, including popular writers like Jorge Borges, Julio Cortázar and Witold Gombrowicz, whose books are required readings in Polish high school.  Amazing culture, steamy tango dances — whatever you are looking for in Buenos Aires, you will find it. Its name in Spanish means ” Good Airs” or “Fair Winds”, so… don’t hesitate to sail into
glamour  of Buenos Aires!

3. The Pampas


South American Lowlands. They cover more than 750,000 km2 and contain unique wildlife. Somehow, they remind me of the Australian Outback. Not because of their appearance, of course, but because of their greatness. I have only seen pictures, yet they made me feel like I was a small part of the universe, yet perfectly fitting the picture. Magical infinity of life going on and on hits me every time I see pictures of the Outback, The Pampas and Patagonia.

4. Pope Francis


I know what you might be thinking: here she is bringing religion into the topic. I’m not. I’m a Christian, but that’s not why I chose to include Pope Francis. What I like about him the most is not his religion, but his attitude. He connects with people and he isn’t afraid to listen to them. We shouldn’t be afraid to connect with another human being too, no matter what their religion, skin color, gender or nationality is. Simple as that. He’s from Argentina, and that’s just another proof that Argentina’s awesome. All other countries are amazing, too, but… let’s give Argentina some love today!

5. Lionel Messi


I’m not a football fan. Not at all. Still, I like Messi, because in my head he represents the idea of hard work paying off. From what I read, he didn’t come from poverty, but still… I’m sure he’s a hard worker. Besides, he’s said to be the best player in the world, and isn’t it a good reason to love Argentina even more? It should be!

 6. Yerba Mate


To be precise: Yerba Mate isn’t drunk only in Argentina. It was cultivated by Guaraní people, and their territory included what is now Paraguay, and parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and southern Brazil. Nevertheless, the culture of drinking Yerba Mate is so strong in Argentina that I couldn’t forget about it. People say the best Yerba Mate comes from Argentina. I may agree. One more reason to love Argentina! You can read more about Yerba Mate in one of my posts.

That would be all for today. There will be more posts coming, too. Besides, I’m planning on tweeting Arabic  words with their English translation every single day, so stay tuned. You can stay in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Do you also love Argentina? What’s your dream travel destination? Let me know in comments!

Best wishes,


Sing me your Disney song… in Arabic!

Hello or simply: Marhaban guys! How are you doing? Is life good? I’m  listening to music now, and thinking of all things, which I have to do this upcoming week, and God knows the list seems to go on and on. That’s a right cure for October’s blues – being too busy to let it get to our hearts. Anyway, welcome to my language zone. Today I will focus on Arabic, even though my Spanish post is coming soon, too. When I think music… the word “soul” comes to my mind quickly and doesn’t want to leave. Music can capture more of a language magic that any textbook  ever could. And who doesn’t love Disney movies? Yeah, I know, you might know somebody who hates them, but most of us are never too old to watch them.

 how dare you not to love them….? 😉

That’s why I ended up listening to Disney songs… in Arabic! It surely helped me discover new shades of Arabic and get used to its texture. Here’s my list of  your favorite Disney songs in Arabic! Enjoy the ride. 

  1. Frozen – Let it go

From the very start, it sounds a bit different. “The snow tonight is a sand desert” we can read, as Elsa sings, and it does feel very Arabian. I liked the song, but I feel like the original  track is way more powerful as this singer’s voice doesn’t scream Elsa that much. Still, it was a great experience to hear “Let it go” in Arabic!

     2. The Little Mermaid – Part Of Your World

Wow, this one is so charming! Definitely has Ariel’s touch in it. Did you also adore her when you were younger? I did!

       3. Mulan – Reflection

Let’s talk about perfection, because here it is! This version truly does the song justice. I loved it from the beginning to the end! I’m sure  that at some point many of us wanted to  sing what Mulan sang, in Arabic or not.

        4. Aladdin – A Whole New World

I think this one may have more magic about itself than other versions of Disney songs since it could be sung in Arabic in the original movie as well. Absolutely lovely — that’s it! Give me my Aladdin, please!

       5. Beauty and the Beast – Belle Reprise

I love how Belle it sounds! I know I’m telling it all the time, but this time… it’s super accurate! Plus, sentences said, in the beginning, are great for language learning.

     6. Sleeping beauty – Keys to the kingdom

I may be biased, because I know Christina personally, but her voice in this song is absolutely amazing. Please, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: I, by no means, own any rights to these videos, and I shared links to them with you to promote Arabic language.

That’s about it! Do you love any of these songs? Are you surprised by how they sound in Arabic? Let me know please! Besides, thank you for your time, or maybe: شكرا ! I truly appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more posts about Arabic, and other languages too!

Have a lovely day,


Youtube love: my favorite channels!

Hello, my dear readers! Thank you for entering my page – I feel honored that you decided to give me some of your time. Today, I won’t be talking about learning, and foreign languages, because as much as I love it, there’s no fun without little changes. Can you guess what I like as much as writing about self-improvement? You got it right  – Youtube! I may not be addicted yet, but it’s truly one of my favourite websites on the web. There are so many amazing channels there, and I feel a need to share them with you! I won’t include my top learning channels because the list would never end, plus you could already read about my favorite learning channels. I will, however, introduce you to some of the coolest people on the internet!

Let the game begin.

  1. Klossy

Karlie Kloss is a Victoria Secret’s model, but she’s not your regular model. She’s into coding, and just started university classes! I love how she doesn’t limit herself to being one thing, but cares  for  both the body and the mind. Plus, she’s funny and adorable, so her videos are always a good watch! You can find out more about modelling, but Karlie also does videos about her trips, or makes funny challenges and honest videos about self-confidence. Big YES from me!

2.  Icon 

Icon is mostly about beauty, but not only! There are do-it-yourself videos, make-up series to transform you into your favorite celebrities or movie characters, general videos about taking care of your body and many more… all from the Youtube’s finest vloggers! Subscribing wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      3. ExplosmEntertainment

There’s no other channel like that. Warning: it’s not for everyone. It can be full of shocking, inappropriate jokes and puns, but generally it’s hilarious. If you don’t get offended very easily, give it a try.

 4. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Let’s talk about how amazing Ann is! Her Do-it-yourself videos are everything, and she inspires me to stay creative. If you want to change something in your house without spending lots of cash, and feel like being creative… don’t forget to subscribe to Ann’s channel, it’s SO worth it!

  5.  Michelle Phan

Michelle is a make-up guru, but as of now, she posts many lifestyle videos. I find them very useful, but what I like the most about Michelle is her voice! It’s so calming. Good content + a smooth voice = a perfect combination!

   6. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd

Okay, that channel is totally out of this world. Beauty and learning tips, plus anything lifestyle are exactly what I like. Plus, KL is so positive that it actually makes it a pleasure to watch her videos.

   7.  Thomas Frank

I couldn’t forget to write his name here. He’s actually my Youtube crush, but his videos are very well-researched, so don’t you think I’m all about that face. Smart is the new sexy, though!

That would be all for today. Thanks for staying with me! What are your favorite Youtube channels? Let me know!

Have a lovely day,


4 ultra awesome productivity apps!

Hello, guys! How are you doing? Are you liking October so far? I’m enjoying it quite a lot, and as it’s Friday I can finally focus on my blog, so yay! What can you expect from this post? Well, no surprise: I’m going to talk about productivity. I haven’t been extremely productive this week, but I have been looking for ways to fix it, and I would love to share with you what I’ve found! It could come handy, when you feel overwhelmed with all the work you have to do, and you are basically like this:

It happens to me a lot, but productivity problems can be solved sooner than most of the world’s problems, so don’t get discouraged! Here’s my list of top 4 ultra awesome productivity apps, which have my back when my strong will fails!

  1. Google Calendar

Photo source/copyrights:

I know what you may be thinking: why is she even listing something so obvious and basic? My why: it does work. It’s connected to your google account, so it can synchronise on all of your devices. Besides, writing something down in your calendar makes you less likely to forget about it. I use it, and I would totally recommend it. There are probably many more fancy calendar apps, but Google Calendar is fine enough – at least I think so! Plan ahead, and you will get ahead, too!

           2.  Clear focus


I love this one. You name your task, and you have 25 minutes interval to work on it, without doing anything else. This way you know how much time you put into what you are doing, and you don’t procrastinate that much. After 25, there’s a 5-minute break. You can, however, change the length of both the work time and break time, just as you wish. Big “YES!” from me!

        3. 7 Weeks


As Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Creating good habits means building a successful life. 7 weeks is all about helping you to become who you want to be. You choose what you want to do, and each day it can be marked as missed or completed. This way you can see your progress, and reevaluate your behaviour paths. Changes… here we come!

    4. Any. do

Source: is an app, which uses lists. You can make your to-do, to-watch, to-read, to-visit list, and have everything planned and written down in one place. That’s totally awesome, and I love how helps me to stay organised!

You can download all these apps for free,  how cool is that ?!

That’s all for today when it comes to productivity. One more thing: our environment. Not always can you choose who you come across regularly (work, university and so on), but you can choose how you react to whatever people throw at you. Life’s not a Mario game, but you still have  a say, don’t you?

… because Sheldon’s awesome. 😉

Let’s rule our game! We can’t control everyone, but we can control ourselves, and that makes all the difference. 

Now… Thanks for sticking with me – you’re truly wonderful!

The last, but not  least: song of the week! Lately, I’ve been enjoying this Demi Lovato’s song very much, I hope you will like it too. Have an amazing week, guys!

Have a lovely day,


Dear comfort zone…

Hello, guys! What have you been up to? Myself, I am still getting used to my new life, which is still under construction. Everything’s so new, both exciting and terrifying, and I would lie if I said, there are no lows. One minute I feel like an emperor of the world, and minutes later I want to cry and hide from the world as if I was nine all over again. What I remind myself is that actually I’m not nine anymore. When we were growing up with Disney movies, we focused on glamorous happy endings, but even in these sweet tales, a princess suffers before getting her Prince Charming. Why would it be any less complicated in real life if even Disney hadn’t made it completely easy? Tears and smiles, they come in one package. Change has to be painful, as we kill what’s old, and clean it out. It doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it, just because it hurts. It all sounds like your regular motivational speech, but it’s actually true, so please don’t mind its unoriginality.


Now, I’m living in the big, old city and I have been dreaming about it for so long. It’s absolutely lovely, full of energy, and life feels so vibrant here. Yet, when I miss my family too much, I feel like I’m not in a right place. It may be true, it may be not, I haven’t figured it yet, and I won’t until the curtains of my fear won’t stop making the big picture unclear. That’s the point. The comfort zone is like a small room you fit into, but you can’t stretch there or add more to it.  Dear comfort zone, the bigger you are, the better everything is. I should just tattoo it on my heart, and probably so should you. Let’s not be the ones, who fear to live. Life will end quickly anyway.


Now, let’s move to something else: Starlight Bloggers Award. I was nominated by one of the most amazing bloggers out there – Fabiola. That’s truly an honor, thank you!

These are the rules:

1. Thank the giver and link their blog to your post.
2. Answer the 3 original questions then the 3 new questions from your nominator given to you.
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These are the three original questions.

If you could describe or picture your inner soul how will you describe it? 

My answer:  I would call it a forest. It looks inviting when you get in, but the more you walk, the more patience it takes to keep walking.

What are you working on right now? 

My answer: I’m working on remaining sane in my new environment, plus on my Arabic skills. I have few ideas on what to add to the blog too, though.

 What is your creative dream project? 

My answer: Definitely a book! I’m interested in so many subjects, but love fascinates me the most. “The theory of love” may happen someday.

Fabiola’s questions: 

What is your biggest challenge when it comes to blogging?

My answer: Being consistent. When everything’s crazy, it’s hard to find time for blogging.

What advice would you give to newbie bloggers?

My answer: I’m still a newbie, but… don’t give up and connect with fellow bloggers! I have never been in such a supportive community before.

What motivates you to keep blogging?

My answer:  Joy connected to writing. And you reading it!

I would love to nominate these amazing bloggers:

  1. Charlie from
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  3. Sonia from
  4. Ana from
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  6. Jasmine from

My questions:

  1. What do you like the most about blogging?
  2. If you were to choose your dream travel destination, what would you choose?
  3. What do you like more: ice or fire? And why?

Thanks for sticking with me!

Have a lovely day,


Scream louder SCREAM QUEENS!

Hello, guys! How are you doing? Myself, I’m enjoying a quiet day at home, just before coming back to my university dorm once again. Today, I’m not going to talk about learning (but I’ll be talking about it again soon, so don’t worry!), but about entertainment. We’re all humans after all, and some fun from time to time won’t hurt us, will it?  One of my ideas of something entertaining are TV shows. Yeah, I know, it probably makes me look as if I didn’t have a social life. That’s a bit true, but… who doesn’t love TV shows? My latest discovery is called “Screams queens”.

“Scream Queens” is an American horror-comedy anthology. It premiered on FOX on 22nd September 2015, and one of its creators is Ryan Murphy. Some of you may know that he was a man behind American Horror Story and Glee. I haven’t seen any of these TV shows, so I wasn’t sure what I should I expect, even though the trailer gives quite a nice picture of the Scream Queens’ vibe.

The action revolves around the mysterious killings on the sorority’s campus, which seem to be connected to old secrets of the Kappa House. What’s more? We have the mean girl, Chanel Oberlin (portrayed by Emma Roberts) – the president of the Kappa Kappa Tau and her minions called Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande), Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd) and Chanel#5 (Abigail Breslin).

They all lead glamorous lives of popular chicks, but once Cathy Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis)  becomes the Dean of the university, they are required to accept everyone into Kappa House or their sorority won’t survive.

Here come their pledges: a candy vlogger (Breezy Eslin),  Hester – a girl with a neck brace (Lea Michele),  Zayday (Keke Palmer)  and Grace (Skyler Samuels). There are more pledges, but these are probably the ones which I remember the best. Every TV show has its curious, good girl, and here it’s Grace, who with a help of  the university’s newspaper editor  Pete wants to solve the mystery and find the killer.

There’s also Gigi (Nasim Pedrad) – the sorority chef, who’s mentally stuck in 90’s, Chad (Glen Powell )- a popular boy with an ego bigger than the Sun, and Denise (Niecy Nash) – a very funny bodyguard.  Actually, there are many characters, who have their moments.

My opinion about the show? It’s so full of stupid remarks, exaggerated reactions, dramatic poses that it’s actually funny. At least, for me, it lets me unwind after a tiring day. It does contain a lot of nasty, inappropriate jokes, but it makes it fun to watch. Characters’ reactions are gif worthy, and it’s entertaining, so I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to watch after a day of being productive. It will probably never win an Emmy, but it’s quite a good watch, and I guess that’s enough. Give scream queens a chance… and see how loud they can get!

Thanks for sticking with me! Get ready for some learning posts!

Have a lovely day,