Polish Christmas traditions!

Hello, guys! How are you doing? Are you excited about Christmas! I know I am! I needed to take a break, and I’m glad I can forget about the world for a few days. Anyway,  today I would love to talk about Polish Christmas traditions. Some of them are quite interesting for foreigners who visit Poland. We decorate Christmas trees and buy lots of presents for everyone else, but there are some things, which basically scream “This is how Poles do it!”.  Here are 3 things about Polish Christmas that might surprise you:

  1. Wafers

Source/copyrights: celiakia.pl

These little wafers play a big role during the Polish Christmas Eve! They’re made of white flour mixed with water. They’re actually very tasty and adults have to hide them from kids, who would love to eat them all! Before the Christmas Eve’s supper, we exchange Christmas greetings and share the wafer. It looks like that: they have a bit of your wafer and you take a bit of theirs. It is a sign of mutual respect and friendliness. Actually, this tradition used to be popular in other parts of Europe as well, but now it seems to be the cultivated mostly in Poland. Anyway, it’s quite nice!


       2. Home alone

Source/copyrights: visitfranklin.com/

I know you might be wondering what this American movie from 90’s has to do with Polish Christmas. My answer? Everything! For many years, one of the most popular Tv channel in Poland used to air “Home alone” during Christmas. Every single year. Everyone kept complaining but watched it anyway. A few years ago that TV channel wanted to change it up, and thousands of people protested by signing a petition to air “Home alone”! It clearly showed that “Home alone” became a Christmas tradition. Unsurprisingly, it will be aired tomorrow too. Hurray!

     3. Fish? Carp, please!

This fish screams “Christmas”! One of 12 dishes you are supposed to eat during the Christmas Eve supper is fish. In Poland it’s Karp. You won’t escape it. I have been seeing billboards promoting Karp since the beginning of December, so let me assure you it’s super popular! Karp? Yes, please.

That would be all for today. Merry Christmas and may force be with you! Shall 2016 be a great year for all of You and thank you for reading my little thoughts. Your comments and your presence give me hope when everything seems to be lost.

Keep up on being awesome, my dear readers!

Have a lovely day,


Productivity heroes: Thomas Frank!

Hello, guys! I haven’t written in almost to weeks, and it  does feel extremely weird since the blog has become my sacred space, but I believe I can be forgiven – exams are coming!  As a freshman, I’m pretty scared of them, and suddenly my life seems to be becoming dangerously stressful just like “Game of Thrones”!

Source/copyrights: cisdragonslair

Sorry guys, I couldn’t just shake it off, because obviously both exams and winter are coming! Even Jon Snow knows it! Maybe. This one time! Ok, I’m done with TV show/book references, and coming straight to the point (finally!) – procrastination is  an enemy of progress, unlike productivity which is BFF of all types of success. Yet, we don’t need to be taught how to procrastinate, but sometimes we need a little course on being productive. Here’s where…

Productivity heroes save the day!

The person who inspires me to keep trying to be productive is Thomas Frank, more known as College Info Geek.  He’s a blogger, youtuber and productivity guru. I mainly follow him by watching his Youtube videos, but he has way more to offer than just that: podcasts, articles and his awesome beard, of course!

Weekly tips and motivation

Thomas publishes, at least, one video a week, and they are really informative. His channel is mainly aimed at college students, but will be useful to anyone willing to become more productive. Every week he discusses ways to learn smarter, deal with stress, land a great job and generally make the best out of everything. Aside from nice editing, Thomas’s videos are really quite well-researched, and most of the times backed up by scientific data. Plus, he’s a great source of recommendation when it comes to various cool apps and websites you have never probably heard about, but should! To conclude: yeah, this guy totally rocks!

My favorite CollegeGeekInfo videos

I believe many of us fall victim to wanting everything to be perfect to the point where we actually… don’t do anything. Thomas has an answer for it!


An ability to speak in front of public is one of the important skills to pick up. Sadly, I’m yet to be more than absolutely hopeless at it, but I’m not giving up. Ideas become more powerful, when they’re spread, so videos on public speaking are always in fashion, aren’t they? For me: totally!

This is a very short video, but I love the message of it. Maybe you will too if you give it a try!

One more thing I have to thank Thomas for aside from motivating me from, you know, becoming a total wreck with no ambitions, is introducing me to Coffitivity. This is a simple website used for imitating that unique cafe’s atmosphere, which many of us fancy and find extremely useful during the process of learning and/or writing. Cafe noises mixed with my Spotify playlist make me much more inspired to work. I would totally recommend you to check Coffitivity out!

I also would like to let you know that I’m definitely going to post more about the Arabic language, and there will be a post about Polish Christmas traditions as well, so stay tuned! Thank you for sticking with me, and reading my little thoughts. It means the world to me. Wherever you are I’m sending you a smile right now. Thank you for your support!  🙂 

Do you have your productivity heroes? What are your tips for staying productive? Do you also have problems with procrastination like me? Please let me know in comments below!

Have a lovely day,


I Challenge You: discovering all shades of the world!

Hello, my dear readers! How are you doing? Myself, I am enjoying a quiet weekend in my dorm, and I’m loving it.  Nothing better than a chance to boost your productivity, right? Especially watching TED talks! God knows how much I love TED, and I’m proud to confess it has inspired me in many ways. One of the talks, which truly touched my heart this week is called  “My year reading a book from every country in the world”  and it was given by Ann Morgan.

In her short speech Ann Morgan discuss her project of… reading the entire world! Up to some point Ann considered herself to be a well-read, open-minded reader, and then she realized 95% of books she had read were written by the English speaking authors. She asked herself: am I really well-read if I haven’t got to known the points of view of the rest of the world? Her answer was: no. One thing led to another and she challenged herself to read a book from every country in the world. In the process she gained knowledge, friends and awareness of the world’s complex diversity. Hearing her story I came to realize one thing: my art choices have also been narrow. When there’s a problem, there’s a solution, so here’s my idea how to save the day and give diversity a chance!

I challenge You… and Myself!

Just like Ann Morgan challenged herself to read, I would love you to join me in my one-week  challenge called “discovering the world”. I’m not very good at design, but I felt like it needed a picture, so here I am with one.


Let me say more abotu each paragraph.

  1. Listen to a foreign song – by foreign I mean something you’re not familiar with. If you are not an English native speaker – like me, but you listen to English music quite a lot, I would suggest you to go for completely new language! My song choice for today is  an Arabic song – “Inta Eyh” by Nancy Ajram.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cchy6MEoi6A
  2.  Watch a short movie – Youtube’s full of short movies, which are beyond amazing! I love watching Arabic, Spanish and French short movies with English subtitles on. Youtube’s magic can do it all!
  3.   Say something in a langauge you don’t know – may sound ridiculous , since, well, you don’t know that language, but google and youtube can help, and you can easily say one sentence with their help. Tasting a bit of a language is like discovering a small piece of its soul!
  4. Learn a word you don’t know in your own language – the world around us is also full of the unknown even if we don’t notice! Especially the language. Find a word you don’t know and learn it — who knows when it might come handy!
  5. Read a short story from the author from another continent – every culture has differents ingridients, therefore a different way of seeing the world. Step into somebody’s else shoes, and give diversity a chance!
  6. Watch a TED talk – TED talks are full of inspiring ideas, which change the world. Through Ted.com I’ve discovered many shades of the world I wouldn’t have  known about otherwise.
  7. Learn more about the place you know little about – there must be this special place on the Earth you’ve heard about, but still don’t know much about. Do your reaserch, enrich your mind and enjoy it!

That would be all for today. I would be honored if you joined me in my challenge! You can follow my progress via FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Tweet me, tag me, whatever you want, I would love to hear from you! Thanks for sticking with me!

Have a lovely day,