Youtube love: my favorite channels!

Hello, my dear readers! Thank you for entering my page – I feel honored that you decided to give me some of your time. Today, I won’t be talking about learning, and foreign languages, because as much as I love it, there’s no fun without little changes. Can you guess what I like as much as writing about self-improvement? You got it right  – Youtube! I may not be addicted yet, but it’s truly one of my favourite websites on the web. There are so many amazing channels there, and I feel a need to share them with you! I won’t include my top learning channels because the list would never end, plus you could already read about my favorite learning channels. I will, however, introduce you to some of the coolest people on the internet!

Let the game begin.

  1. Klossy

Karlie Kloss is a Victoria Secret’s model, but she’s not your regular model. She’s into coding, and just started university classes! I love how she doesn’t limit herself to being one thing, but cares  for  both the body and the mind. Plus, she’s funny and adorable, so her videos are always a good watch! You can find out more about modelling, but Karlie also does videos about her trips, or makes funny challenges and honest videos about self-confidence. Big YES from me!

2.  Icon 

Icon is mostly about beauty, but not only! There are do-it-yourself videos, make-up series to transform you into your favorite celebrities or movie characters, general videos about taking care of your body and many more… all from the Youtube’s finest vloggers! Subscribing wouldn’t be a bad idea.

      3. ExplosmEntertainment

There’s no other channel like that. Warning: it’s not for everyone. It can be full of shocking, inappropriate jokes and puns, but generally it’s hilarious. If you don’t get offended very easily, give it a try.

 4. Ann Le {Anneorshine}

Let’s talk about how amazing Ann is! Her Do-it-yourself videos are everything, and she inspires me to stay creative. If you want to change something in your house without spending lots of cash, and feel like being creative… don’t forget to subscribe to Ann’s channel, it’s SO worth it!

  5.  Michelle Phan

Michelle is a make-up guru, but as of now, she posts many lifestyle videos. I find them very useful, but what I like the most about Michelle is her voice! It’s so calming. Good content + a smooth voice = a perfect combination!

   6. SecretLifeOfaBioNerd

Okay, that channel is totally out of this world. Beauty and learning tips, plus anything lifestyle are exactly what I like. Plus, KL is so positive that it actually makes it a pleasure to watch her videos.

   7.  Thomas Frank

I couldn’t forget to write his name here. He’s actually my Youtube crush, but his videos are very well-researched, so don’t you think I’m all about that face. Smart is the new sexy, though!

That would be all for today. Thanks for staying with me! What are your favorite Youtube channels? Let me know!

Have a lovely day,



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