Sing me your Disney song… in Arabic!

Hello or simply: Marhaban guys! How are you doing? Is life good? I’m  listening to music now, and thinking of all things, which I have to do this upcoming week, and God knows the list seems to go on and on. That’s a right cure for October’s blues – being too busy to let it get to our hearts. Anyway, welcome to my language zone. Today I will focus on Arabic, even though my Spanish post is coming soon, too. When I think music… the word “soul” comes to my mind quickly and doesn’t want to leave. Music can capture more of a language magic that any textbook  ever could. And who doesn’t love Disney movies? Yeah, I know, you might know somebody who hates them, but most of us are never too old to watch them.

 how dare you not to love them….? 😉

That’s why I ended up listening to Disney songs… in Arabic! It surely helped me discover new shades of Arabic and get used to its texture. Here’s my list of  your favorite Disney songs in Arabic! Enjoy the ride. 

  1. Frozen – Let it go

From the very start, it sounds a bit different. “The snow tonight is a sand desert” we can read, as Elsa sings, and it does feel very Arabian. I liked the song, but I feel like the original  track is way more powerful as this singer’s voice doesn’t scream Elsa that much. Still, it was a great experience to hear “Let it go” in Arabic!

     2. The Little Mermaid – Part Of Your World

Wow, this one is so charming! Definitely has Ariel’s touch in it. Did you also adore her when you were younger? I did!

       3. Mulan – Reflection

Let’s talk about perfection, because here it is! This version truly does the song justice. I loved it from the beginning to the end! I’m sure  that at some point many of us wanted to  sing what Mulan sang, in Arabic or not.

        4. Aladdin – A Whole New World

I think this one may have more magic about itself than other versions of Disney songs since it could be sung in Arabic in the original movie as well. Absolutely lovely — that’s it! Give me my Aladdin, please!

       5. Beauty and the Beast – Belle Reprise

I love how Belle it sounds! I know I’m telling it all the time, but this time… it’s super accurate! Plus, sentences said, in the beginning, are great for language learning.

     6. Sleeping beauty – Keys to the kingdom

I may be biased, because I know Christina personally, but her voice in this song is absolutely amazing. Please, check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: I, by no means, own any rights to these videos, and I shared links to them with you to promote Arabic language.

That’s about it! Do you love any of these songs? Are you surprised by how they sound in Arabic? Let me know please! Besides, thank you for your time, or maybe: شكرا ! I truly appreciate your support! Stay tuned for more posts about Arabic, and other languages too!

Have a lovely day,



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