6 reasons to love Argentina!

Hello, guys!  How are you doing? Myself, I’m still looking for the best ways to organise my college life, and I can honestly say life has never been better and worse at the same time. I guess that’s the magic of the change: it leaves us hanging at the edge of  falling down, and yet shows us the thrill of flying. Each time I’m about to break down I remind myself of something beautiful I am yet to see and experience, and then the darkness fades away a little bit. One of these little dreams, which make my heart calm down, includes Argentina, because honestly: how could you not love its outstanding beauty? Here we go with 5 reasons to love Argentina!

1. Patagonia

Source/copyrights: miriadna.com

I couldn’t start this list with anything else. Even though I’ve never been there, I think pictures don’t lie: it’s one of the loveliest places on the Earth. Patagonia is  located at the southern end of South America  and shared by Argentina and Chile. There are The Andes mountains, the deserts, steppes and grasslands and anything you would need to feel completely overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the world. I keep staring at the pictures, and God, I want to go there someday. I have to. I will.

Source/copyrights: nationalgeographicexpeditions.com

2. Buenos Aires

Source/copyrights: dailymail.co.uk

I bet each of you has heard about this city at least once in your life. Tales about its magic keep spreading all the time. It’s often called “Paris of South America” due to its rich European heritage. It has also been home for many artists, including popular writers like Jorge Borges, Julio Cortázar and Witold Gombrowicz, whose books are required readings in Polish high school.  Amazing culture, steamy tango dances — whatever you are looking for in Buenos Aires, you will find it. Its name in Spanish means ” Good Airs” or “Fair Winds”, so… don’t hesitate to sail into
glamour  of Buenos Aires!

3. The Pampas

Source/copyrights: wikimedia.org

South American Lowlands. They cover more than 750,000 km2 and contain unique wildlife. Somehow, they remind me of the Australian Outback. Not because of their appearance, of course, but because of their greatness. I have only seen pictures, yet they made me feel like I was a small part of the universe, yet perfectly fitting the picture. Magical infinity of life going on and on hits me every time I see pictures of the Outback, The Pampas and Patagonia.

4. Pope Francis

Source/copyrights: snopes.com

I know what you might be thinking: here she is bringing religion into the topic. I’m not. I’m a Christian, but that’s not why I chose to include Pope Francis. What I like about him the most is not his religion, but his attitude. He connects with people and he isn’t afraid to listen to them. We shouldn’t be afraid to connect with another human being too, no matter what their religion, skin color, gender or nationality is. Simple as that. He’s from Argentina, and that’s just another proof that Argentina’s awesome. All other countries are amazing, too, but… let’s give Argentina some love today!

5. Lionel Messi

Source/copyrights: espncdn.com

I’m not a football fan. Not at all. Still, I like Messi, because in my head he represents the idea of hard work paying off. From what I read, he didn’t come from poverty, but still… I’m sure he’s a hard worker. Besides, he’s said to be the best player in the world, and isn’t it a good reason to love Argentina even more? It should be!

 6. Yerba Mate

Source/copyrights: cdn.zmescience.com

To be precise: Yerba Mate isn’t drunk only in Argentina. It was cultivated by Guaraní people, and their territory included what is now Paraguay, and parts of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and southern Brazil. Nevertheless, the culture of drinking Yerba Mate is so strong in Argentina that I couldn’t forget about it. People say the best Yerba Mate comes from Argentina. I may agree. One more reason to love Argentina! You can read more about Yerba Mate in one of my posts.

That would be all for today. There will be more posts coming, too. Besides, I’m planning on tweeting Arabic  words with their English translation every single day, so stay tuned. You can stay in touch with me via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Source/copyrights: holidayhd.link

Do you also love Argentina? What’s your dream travel destination? Let me know in comments!

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