Long live, Poland!

Hello, my dear readers! As you might know I am Polish and today in Poland we’re celebrating  a very special date for our nation. On 11th November 1918  Poland regained its independence. By 1918 my ancestors had been waiting for that to happen for 123 years. That’s quite a long time, yet they did not give up on their hopes of living in the independent country.

Since 1795 Poland was divided between Russia, Austria and Prussia, which later on became Germany. It didn’t exist on maps, but it existed in hearts of thousands of Polish people. Uprisings, young men sentenced to prisons in cold Siberia because of their love for their homeland, hidden Polish books read with tears of emotions – they all mark the difficult journey to independence.

It is easy to complain about the weather, crowded streets or a salty soup, when you are safe and sound, able to cherish who you were and who you are. Too bad we often forget about all sacrifices somebody made for us to have a good future. It is true not only for my nation, but for many more as well. There are also places in the world, where the better times are still under construction. Let’s not forget to reflect on everything we got, and practice gratitude. If I was born 200 years ago, I wouldn’t be able to use my mother language at school. How terrible that would be?  All we have today is a result of the continuous effort of the entire generations. Let’s remember about it the next time we get too whiny about the littlest things. Gratitude is like glasses showing you the world the way it is. Wear it everyday – it is always a must-have.

That would be all for today. Stay grateful.

Have a lovely day,