39 awesome free resources for learning French language & culture!

Have you ever been preparing for something so carefully and thoroughly that you ended up having no time to actually take action? I have! I love planning very much because you see – I love chaos, but only in art. My desk, lists, plans need to be organised, and before I do something, I like to have a plan. This is why I haven’t got down to French yet, but I have made quite a long lists of resources useful for learning. If learning French is a battle, then… well, I have my army now!

If you want to learn French, but haven’t had time to find resources or you are just looking for new material to spice things up with your studying… this may be a post for you!

The post will be divided into 5 main categories for better navigation. 3,2,1… Ladies and gentlemen, I have a pleasure to show you my ultimate list of 37 resources for learning French language and culture!

*Note: some of the resources I listed aren’t strictly language related, but rather cultural, showing you France and French culture, what I think could be a great motivation in any language studies!


Websites & Apps

There are plenty of websites and apps for learning French, but I’ve chosen to list only these I can vouch for in 100% because I have used them for a long time. The list will be probably updated every now and then,  so it’s likely to get longer!


Good for: building your vocabulary, learning grammar and pronunciation. It’s available both as a website and as an app. Fun, and easy way to get started with foreign languages!


Good for: building up your vocabulary, learning grammar, revising words you’ve already learnt. There are plenty free vocabulary boards to choose from, my first choice was: “Learn French for Polyglots” and so far I’ve liked it a lot. Available both as a website and as an app.


Good for: building up your vocabulary and revising words you’ve learnt. Its formula is very minimalistic, but this is what makes it effective for many people. Boards I’ve downloaded and liked: 5000 Most Common French Words and French 10000 sentences (easiest to hardest). Available as a program and an app.


Good for: practising your writing skills. The formula is easy: you write a post and get it checked by a native speaker or somebody who’s good at your target language. In return, you check works of people learning your native language. Full cooperation and a nice way to improve your writing skills!


Good for: anyone who loves music! You can access the translations of your favorite French songs. Helpful in improving your listening skills and  learning new words, plus the music is said to be effective in teaching you new words, too.


Good for: music fans! The website’s all about typing words of the songs you’re listening to so it definitely helps to improve your listening skills + pronunciation, too.


Good for: anyone who loves music! You type the words to songs you hear, so you definitely exercise your listening skills.

Yokee Karaoke (App)

Good for: anyone who loves singing! Of course, it’s also a killer tool for improving your pronunciation in a fun way! I’m trying to learn “Andalouse” by Kendji Girac, and though I’m not the best singer, I enjoy it very much. 🙂 



I’ve always loved Youtube and I always will. Since I’ve stumbled upon its educational side thanks to John Green, I’ve been using it to become smarter, and honestly… this is probably one of my favorite ways of learning. I decided to give it a try with languages too, and it works very well for me. Below there’s a list of 6 channels for French learners that you might like:

Comme une Française

Good for: everyone who is interested in French culture. You can find out how not to behave in France or what kind of candy French people like to buy, to name a few topics discussed on the channel. With new videos every week,  it’s a nice addition to a learning routine, plus the host is pretty amazing, too.

Alexa Polidoro

Good for: learning grammar. Alexa’s channel is full of many useful videos, including vocabulary ones, but grammar videos probably make her stand out the most. She has published tons of them, so her channel’s definitely helpful when it comes to grammar learning. She has also made a great playlist for learning French pronunciation. Definitely worth subscribing!

French from beginners to advanced

Good for: everything and for every French learner. This channel is just so full of learning material that it’s good for everything. Grammar, vocabulary – everything you could wish for… you’ll find there! Honestly speaking it’s probably one of the best language channels on Youtube if it not the best one. The amount of free material is just outstanding. A+ isn’t enough to rate it.

Francais Authentique

Good for: improving your listening skills and getting used to “authentic” French. It’s not exactly suitable for beginners since it’s only in French, but advanced and intermediate speakers could make use of it, so this is why I decided to include it here. Beginners… we can save it for later – when we master French a little bit more!

Learn French with French Pod101.com

Good for: improving your listening skills and building up your vocabulary. With shorts videos published every week this Youtube channel can be a nice addition to a regular learning routine.

Francais avec Pierre

Good for: building up your vocabulary and comprehension skills. One of the nicest and most fun language channels out there.

Learn French with Pierre

Good for:  grammar practice, building up your vocabulary, enhancing your listening skills. 


As you might know, I strongly believe that podcasts are excellent resources for becoming smarter and learning in general. I subscribe to many podcasts and listen to them only daily basis. Since they also work for learning languages I thought I would share some of them with you! Note: I listen to them on my phone using PodcastAddict app, but you can also listen to podcasts online via links I provided in this post.

Language  orientated podcasts: vocabulary, grammar, listening, pronunciation 

Coffee Break French

Real life French: French for beginners

Learn French by Podcast

Learn French with daily podcasts


Language + Culture

French etc >> French songs

Talk in French podcast


Instagram has been gaining popularity for some time now, and it is definitely here to stay. Aside from being an excellent resource for fashion, beauty, and fitness lovers… it’s also quite a nice platform for learning! Instagrams posts added to your timeline don’t take much time, but it’s always that one word you’ve seen or that one sentence you’ve stumbled upon and you’re ahead of yourself. You can also explore French culture on Instagram, and for me, it’s a great motivational tool!

Language: tips, vocabulary, grammar

French journal

It’s all about the French

French everyday

Lyra French

Talk in French



All french grammar


Culture & France in photos

French moments

Visit la France

Top France photo



Facebook is probably the most powerful social network of today’s world, so its presence on my list doesn’t need any explanation. Of course, it’s a dangerous friend of procrastination, but if you don’t let it befriend you too much – it’s all good!

Language & Language tips

FluentU French

Learn French with French Today



My French Neighbour

The Good Life France

Feels Like Home in Paris


That would be my full list of free French resources! I hope it will come handy to you. Let me know in comments what you think about the list and what would you add there – your feedback is always helpful! 🙂

What are your favourite ways to learn languages? What languages are you learning right now? I would love to hear your stories!

Have a lovely day,





61 thoughts on “39 awesome free resources for learning French language & culture!

  1. Amythepug

    Lovely post ! I always use Duolingo to help me with my Spanish and French! I also love playing the lyrics game where you have to fill in the gaps! 😀 Thanks for all of the great ideas! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk


  2. I’m so glad Duolingo is first on this list! I actually speak French fluently, but when I want to test a new language learning app, I always check the French lessons first. It gives me a good idea if the rest of the lessons are effective! Great list! AND A+ FOR PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE AND LEARNING A LANGUAGE! It’s hard, but so rewarding!



    1. Definitely, there’s nothing better than that: every new language is like a whole new world! Plus, thanks, you gave me a great idea, I have to try it with English while checking new apps out! Thanks for stopping by. ❤


  3. Jolina

    Tres bien! Learning French is one of my regrets…I dropped out of French II because it got too hard. Je suis fatigue! I should have persisted. I personally like Duo Lingo 🙂


    1. You can always go back, it’s never too late! 🙂 Duolingo is definitely an amazing tool, so I’ll always recommend it to people, too. What languages do you learn with Duolingo? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, too!


  4. Alex

    I’ve been reading all your post so far, because I’m learning English and I enjoy the way you write, honestly I’m not learning French but I like your kindness, thanks for sharing your resources. My native language is Spanish.



    1. Wow, thank you! You have no idea how much it means to me… ❤ I've started learning Spanish and I'm loving it too! I'm still not sure whether to make Spanish or French my #1 target language, so we'll see. 🙂 All the best to you and your learning progress too! Have a lovely day. 🙂


  5. Rebecca Mollycod

    Wow! Thanks for sharing! Very useful.. I use Memrise to learn Swedish (recently moved here) and found it really helpful. Will have to bookmark this! I love learning new languages and a different culture.


    1. Aww, this is amazing! Do you like Swedish? I’ve heard it once or twice and it sounds really interesting to me! Best wishes to you and I hope you’re progressing with ease! Thanks for stopping by, too. ❤


    2. thanks so much brad for sharing all your devos from the E100 – they;#39&ve been so excellent. each one i've gone "ooooh thats good" in my heart! much blessings to you!


    1. I’m glad you liked them and I absolutely understand – it’s very easy to get rusty! The language skills don’t completely disappear, though, so that’s a good part… 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  6. This is fantastic, and coming just at the right time, thank you! I just started learning French with Duolingo a few weeks ago and love it. Thanks for the extra places to check out!


  7. Elizabeth O.

    This is what I like about social media websites, there’s so much that you can learn, even a new language! I’m sure a lot of people will benefit from this, it’s an awesome list, thanks!


    1. Definitely, I adore language podcasts or any podcasts, to be honest! And definitely, provided you don’t get overwhelmed easily.. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


    1. My German also became rusty since I graduated from high school, so I completely understand you! Also, I’m happy it may come handy. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


  8. SofarsoSabine

    It’s like you exactly knew what I needed! I have been studying French for 5 years but forgot a lot and I just want to do a small course again to remember some words and this is perfect!


  9. This is amazing list! I’ve studied French several years ago during a French course at work, but when I changed my job I quite forgot how to speak good French. These resources will be perfect for me to start learning again! Pinned it


  10. I regularly speak and write in Franch and I still need to reharse even after so many years. French language and vocabulary is so rich you never stop learning new words! I think I’ll try some of these apps and tips to get better!


    1. Definitely, I can’t wait when I’m able to communicate with ease since it’s such a complex and beautiful language! I’m happy to hear it may come handy, thanks for stopping by. ❤


  11. Mom With Five

    Awesome list! I haven’t practised my French for a long time it is time to restart and with your tips it would be easier than I thought.


  12. Thanks for the insight! I have a standard grade in Spanish however I did make a start on french but never really got anywhere. I have always wanted to pick it back up and you’ve gave me ways to do that, so thanks! Great post 🙂


    1. Yes, web’s an infinite resource itself and that’s pretty amazing when you think about it! I’m glad you liked it, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂


      1. I’m really loving the theme/design of your web site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility issues? A handful of my blog readers have complained about my website not operating correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any reeocmmndations to help fix this problem?


  13. Audrey Ampofo

    I’ve started using Duolingo some months ago to learn French since I studied it at school but these days I haven’t had the chance to go back on it. After looking at the other websites I’ll give some of them a try. Thank you 🙂


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