Smarter every day: my favorite learning channels!

Hello guys! How are you doing? Today I would like to share my answer to a common question: how to get smarter every day?  I wouldn’t call myself a person, who knows everything about everything, but I’m definitely working on becoming a smarter me every single day.  Just like Hermione was!

Anyway, I believe little things can lead to great changes. They don’t have to be expensive to make all the difference, even more – they can be free and easily accessible. John Green helped me discover the whole new universe of meaningful little ways to get smarter with his amazing TED talk. Infinity of possibilities – this is what I saw, and how right I was! And where you can find it? On Youtube! Yeah, you got it right, aside from being full of funny videos, which encourage procrastination, Youtube is a very rich educational centre, like no other in the world! I’m honored to present you my favorite youtube channels, which are all about making you smarter everyday! Stay with with, and keep reading!

1. Crash Course

It may be my absolute favorite. Crash Course covers variety of subjects: from history, economy and politics to biology and astronomy. Each episode is very informative, yet very funny and colorful. It’s just fun to be getting smarter with Crash Course! You definitely should subscribe to this channel, because chances that you will regret it are very, very low! Real talk, here.

2.  Braincraft 

Braincraft is all about how our brain works! Each video is fascinating and truly well done. No better way  to combine pleasure with business than getting down to watching such amazing videos. Definitely a big: “YES!!!” from me.

3.  It’s okay to be smart!

That’s right – it’s okay to be smart, and with this channel you can discover all shades of cool and fascinating! The channel could be also named: it’s okay to be awesome, because it’s truly out of this world!

4. Smarter every day

This channel truly makes you smarter. Do you want to know where little kangaroos are kept by their mothers and how does it really look? Are you curious about how a space station looks inside? No problem, if you subscribe to Smarter everyday!

5. Minute Earth

Nice animations, superb content and everything served in less than 5 minutes! Let’s talk about perfection, because here it is. It’s a great option even for the busiest of us!

6. Gross Science

Another way to look at science and our world! Truly interesting and funny, yet also very informative. Gross science is totally an incredible companionship for every day!

7. The Art Assignment

It’s high time we got a bit artistic! The Art Assignment is devoted to Art, but not in your traditional way, which may bore you. Not at all. It’s creative, yet… for everyone! Plus, it’s truly stimulating, and can help brighten up a grey day.

I hope you will love the list as much as I do.  Thanks for sticking with me!  Let me know what are your favorite ways and channels to learn!

Have a lovely day,



22 thoughts on “Smarter every day: my favorite learning channels!

  1. Great list!! I just graduated college in May.. I already feel like my brain is turning to mush, so I’ve been doing a lot of reading and little brain teasers like this. Haven’t seen many of these so I will be sure to test them out!


    1. Awww, that sounds incredible! I’m glad there are still people, who love books. It truly must be a heavenly place to spend your day in. 🙂 Thanks for your comment! Xo


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  3. Hi Jessie,
    Yes, YouTube videos are definitely a great way to learn. I also like podcasts because you can take them with you and listen to them while you’re going to work, doing chores, cooking dinner or just relaxing.
    I have my own podcast but I also listen to other podcasts on subjects that interest me.
    Have a great day!


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  6. This was amazing. Thank you, I would have never really learned how utterly bonkers this book was w/o you. You are right, how in the fuck are they going to make this into a movie?? I bet RPATTZ loved it because of how cracktastic this is, but the studio is probably not amused at all.


  7. So sorry you didn't get to go to Nantucket. I know you must have been disappointed. The weather is definitely unpredictable in that part of the country this time of year. Thanks so much for sharing the photos. They're beautiful.Safe trip home.Laiura


  8. Hyvältä näyttää! Mutta nyt tulin uteliaaksi, maalaatko kylppärin katon valkolakalla? Jos, niin onko se helppo tapa käsitellä kattoa?Itse aikoinani maalasin kylppärin mäntykaton valkoiseksi ja siinä oli aikamoinen työ, ensin vanha lakka pois ja sitten maalia tilalle.


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