The Mind Zone: Why gratitude is magic

There are days when everything becomes bleak and hopeless. The rain feels like hailing, people are overly rude in the store and you’ve just destroyed your favorite pair of shoes.  You start to think “wait, my life sucks” and suddenly the chances of having a good day are gone. Sounds familiar? It used to happen to me quite often, and I couldn’t do anything, but agree to give all my joy away. At least I thought I couldn’t. Turns out I was wrong. We can train our minds just like we can our bodies, and it makes  us a force to be reckoned with in The Game of Good Days.

I can say from my own experience that gratitude is one of the easiest ways to feel instantly better about everything in our lives.  If you want to discover magic, let yourself discover gratitude! More about gratitude, how to befriend it and why it’s worth it, below! 🙂

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First of all, it’s very easy to overlook good things happening in our lives. Why? We get used to them, and negativity draws more attention. Maybe that is human nature. Seldom do they report good news on TV –  they report accidents, tragedies, and drama: they all sell more. This is why it’s not difficult to fall victim to negativity, become a serial complainer and forget  about good things in our lives. Here are 3 reasons why I think gratitude is magic…

  • It gives you a new perspective on things

Let’s say Jane Doe thought  “Oh well, I am a failure because I didn’t pass one exam and I don’t really have much money in my wallet”. She brings herself down and comes to one conclusion: “my life is terrible”. She may be – must be! – in a bad mood after all these thoughts. If Jane only reminded herself “Well, I can retake my exam, and there’s a yummy cupcake in my refrigerator. Oh and my sister’s coming soon, we’ll have so much fun!” she would be probably having a pretty good day. Why? Well,  despite some unpleasant things happening there was still something nice to look forward to, to be grateful for. See –  gratitude’s a game changer because it shifts your focus from negativity to positivity.

  • The idea behind it is not complicated

You don’t need to know any specific techniques to make it work. You just need to think about things you are grateful for. You can make a list out of them in your notebook or phone, but you could also leave them just inside your head if it works better for you. Personally, I would recommend you to do lists, though. Somehow the written word seems to hold more power to it. Plus, you won’t forget it.

  • It’s a game changer but  doesn’t cost a penny

The gratitude treatment won’t leave you broke because it doesn’t cost a penny. It just takes a little bit effort to change your thoughts and your attitude. Also, there are many free apps for daily guidance, if you need one. Wouldn’t it be good to change your thoughts by changing your perspective? My answer would be YES!


Now, let me mention the app I use for gratitude exercises. Yes, I called them exercises, because your mind’s also a muscle, perhaps even more demanding than your regular muscles, too.   The app is called “Bliss” and you can download it for free. It is handy for more than gratitude, though. Some of its sections are called: “Best possible future”, “Gratitude Exercises”, “Could be worse”, “Honoring people”, “Three Good things” and “Transforming Problems”. If I were to rate it, it easily gets 5 from me! 🙂 

What about you? What are your favorite ways to make your day better? Do you practice gratitude? Let me know in comments, I would be happy to hear more about you! 

See you next week in The Language Zone! Have a lovely week, guys. 🙂

Yours truly, 



40 thoughts on “The Mind Zone: Why gratitude is magic

    1. It happens to me too at times, and this is why I think gratitude’s a great tool to appreciate and like life more! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by. ❤


  1. eloise25

    what a great app! I have had a crap storm of unfortunate incidences happen to me, and many people are amazed that I can still be so positive in life… there are only two ways to live life: positive showing gratitude, OR negative as a victim… life is precious and short, you got to live it happy and the only way to be happy is to be positive. great topic!


  2. I think it’s just human nature to focus on the negative, but hopefully, people; including myself will follow your tips and add a bit of magic back into their life ^_^


    1. It is, but we change so many things about ourselves, from the way we look to the way we talk that a little change in behaviour wouldn’t harm.. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Yes, because I have Android and I use it! It’s also available for ios and as an app for Google Chrome. 🙂 It definitely is! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  3. I loved this line ‘We can train our minds like we train our body’ I believe our mind is the key to everything and everything is in our mind. If the mind is on the right track then no way the body or the personality would go wrong.


  4. It’s really important to be grateful. I love this post because it’s almost like you wrote it to me. I needed a reminder to be grateful.thsnks.


  5. janella2016

    Gratitude is so important and in this world that we live in people are really lacking that quality. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I have to try that Bliss app! I was just visiting my home country Finland and it seems never stop amaze me how people behave depending on the weather. On a sunny day everyone looks happy, feels gratitud and is friendly. But when the rain and wind start they make everyone so miserable. I know that’s not exactly what you meant but it just came to my mind.


    1. I definitely understand, because the weather’s so powerful! It’s way more difficult for me to be happy and be grateful during winter, when it’s cold and dark, too. Learning how to cope is essential! Thanks for stopping by. ❤


  7. maryamkabir

    that was such a good article. As human beings we always often give too much attention on people that have more than we do or who live a better life. But we never take a second to look behind and appreciate the things that we take for granted 🙂 gratitude is magic


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