Au revoir, July: the ultimate favorites of the month

How fast the time passes by! It’s already 7th of August and I feel like I’ve just said goodbye to July. It was a nice month for me, full of relaxing and family time, and these moments take a special spot in my heart. As August has started, I will be switching things up a little bit, and going to Spain to be an au pair. It’s exciting, and a bit terrifying and another level of cool, too. I’m not sure whether I will be able to post a lot, but I’ll try to, so stay tuned! Coming back to the topic, it would be nice to sum July up, so when I am old and grumpy, I can get back to days when I was younger and less grumpy and you know, actually still enjoying things.  Just kidding, hopefully, I’ll be always young at heart! Anyway, you might like some of the things I loved last month, so let’s give it a shot!

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Favorite book of the month

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

I read 5 books in July, but this one was definitely the best among them. It tells a story of the world torn by hatred, chaos, and violence, where a very unlikely friendship is formed. Two boys, divided by everything – religion, war, opportunities – become friends and try to understand what put a wall between them, and why the worlds of both of them are nothing alike, yet so similar. It’s a wonderfully crafted reminder of tragic history between Jews and Germans, partly written by the history itself, and because of that even more touching and meaningful. It acknowledges the power of hatred, and the damage it had done, reminding us that if hatred is watered, it spreads like a disease and can’t be easily stopped. As I was reading it,  it felt like exploring a whole new universe of ugliness and beauty, blended together in a painfully realistic way, bringing World War II to life. It was a worthwhile read and made me think about how dangerous it is to let history fall into oblivion, not learning its lesson once and for all. I would recommend you to read it if you look for something beautiful, meaningful and educative since it easily combines all of these traits.

Favorite movie of the month

Me before you

To say I  had been excited to see this movie since the trailer came out… would be a little understatement. I actually watched the trailer at least 20 times, and oh my, each time I grew more and more obsessed with it. I decided to read a book, since I’m always team books, no matter how much I like movies, and… I fell in love and knew there was no coming back! If the movie was anything other than “pretty good” I would be infinitely disappointed. The movie – and the book for that matter – tells a story of Lou Clark, a young lady who’s about to lose her job and a secure place in her comfort zone, and Will Traynor – a man who had it all before a tragic accident put him into a wheelchair. These two have no idea that their worlds and lives are going to come into fusion, and nothing will be the same ever again. It may sound like a cheesy romance movie, but it is not. For me that it’s a movie about leaving your comfort zone, fighting for yourself and seeing all beautiful places you could go if you only dared to try. It’s a beautiful journey from what you are to what you could be, and the romance background is a nice attachment to the story of two people who bring the best in each other,  despite being put together by chance. I found portraits of main characters believable, and I liked the movie very much, so I would definitely recommend it to you, guys. Here’s the trailer:


Favorite app of the month

Keep by Google

 If you love making lists and notes this app is definitely something for you! It’s free, easy to use and doesn’t take up much space on your phone. A+ from me.

Favorite podcast of the month

Singing bones

If you love fairytales and would love to dig deeper and learn more about their (dark) roots… this is a podcast for you! In each episode, we learn new things about our favorite fairytales and explore a whole new way to look at them, too. The podcast runs biweekly and each episode is 20 minutes long. Must-listen! 


That would be all for today. Next month I will probably add some new items to the list, so the format’s not fixed yet. Have a wonderful week and until the next time!

What are your favorites of July? Let me know in comments! 

Have a lovely day,