6 awesome Youtube channels for learning Spanish!

Learning a foreign language is a long journey, both exciting and tiring at times. It’s easy to fall into a routine and lose all joy of a learning process.   Who can save the day if  we do? Variety, since it makes things fun and interesting again! Myself, I love adding video materials into my learning plans. My video Wonderland’s Youtube – you could find anything you want there and it’s all free! That’s why I would love to present to you my ultimate list of 6 awesome Youtube channels for learning Spanish! 

  1. Butterfly Spanish

Butterfly Spanish is probably my favourite Youtube channel for learning Spanish! Her bubbly personality and “i-will-explain-you-everything-step-by-step-without-making-you-feel-stupid” attitude is everything I need to love the language even more. She covers material both for beginners and more advanced learners. Grammar, phrases, vocabulary – Butterfly Spanish gives you everything you need! 🙂

         2. French & Spanish with LanguageComics

Short comics in Spanish (and French too!) every week are a great way to learn new words in an interesting way. Most of them are either funny or sarcastic, sometimes both. I would definitely recommend you to subscribe to it, especially if you’re learning French, too! Two birds with one stone. 😉

        3. Senor Jordan

Songs to make you memorise words, muppet videos, catchy phrases to get stuck in your  head… Senor Jordan has it all! Domingo, Lunes, Martes… Catchy, isn’t it? 🙂

        4. Spanish lessons Paco

This channel’s all about comics, but they also make you repeat phrases at the end of the video, which I find really helpful. Sometimes a direct request from somebody works better than our self-discipline, right? At least it works better for me! I believe it’s a great way to indulge more Spanish into our daily lives. 4 minutes may not be much, but it’s still better than nothing!

        5.  Learn Spanish with SpanishPod101.com

I really love this channel – particularly because it’s full of great listening exercises. As much as it’s relatively easy to find channels full of vocabulary finding listenings is harder. When I started learning English I was afraid of listenings because I couldn’t understand much, but I know I’ve learnt to understand language more thanks to them.  Anyway, weekly vocabulary videos with Rosa are also something to look forward to!

       6. Telemundo

Telemundo is an American broadcast television network, who produces TV shows and telenovelas in Spanish.  On their official Youtube channel, there are lots of Spanish TV shows to get used to the language more! They have subtitles in English, so you could understand the plot before you are fluent in Spanish. 🙂 I watch “Bajo el Mismo Cielo”  and I really like it, but there are plenty other shows to choose from too, so explore and explore because there’s always more.. 😉

These are all  Youtube recommendations I have for you now. When it comes to indulging in the culture of the Spanish-speaking world I would definitely recommend you to visit My heart of Mexico by Fabiola. She’s a Mexican blogger, and thanks to her I definitely know more about Mexico than I did before!


If you want to follow my journey in learning languages, reading books and becoming a bit smarter every day then I would be more than happy if you subscribed to my blog! More Spanish, French and other languages too… this is what I have in store for you! Thanks for reading and supporting me. You’re awesome!

For everyone who would like to save the list for later here’s a little infographic. It’s my first one, so I hope I will get better with time. Enjoy! 🙂

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The Arabic Wonderland!

Imagine peaceful music filled with nostalgia reminding you of beautiful moments, which are in the past now. A sweet voice sings about lost love, and it’s incredibly sad but you’ve never heard anything so beautiful before. It doesn’t matter you understand only a word or two if anything at all. This is how I entered The Arabic Wonderland. It has been interesting, terrifying, beautiful, challenging and everything between, and I feel like Alice –  lost in Wonderland, longing for home, yet not wanting the adventure to end. I would like to invite you to a journey through Hills of the Unknown – Arabic! You might be surprised with what you can find if you look a bit closer… Will you trust me? Let’s go! And… hello!

                      Source/copyrights: pinimg.com

The kingdom of Arabic alphabet has 28 letter citizens. Each letter can have up to four alternate versions, depending on its position in a word. There’s an independent version, an initial version,  a medial  version and a final version. You can think of it like that: there are 4 sides of the Arabic letter you can get to know, and if you do, no more surprises for you! At least not when it comes to the alphabet!


These are independent versions of all letters. You can see all of their 4 versions below: 

  Source/copyrights: pinimg.com

It takes some time to get used to writing like this but honestly speaking after a few weeks you’ll write it like there’s no tomorrow since it is not the hardest part of the Arabic. At least, after you take it up, because the alphabet can, indeed, look scary!

There are three long vowels in Arabic: ي, ا, و.  (Waaw, Alif, Yaa’) Nevertheless, Arabic also uses short vowels, perhaps even more often than long ones.

They are called Fatha, Casra and Damma.


They look basically like this. Damma is a short “u” sound, Kasra a “i” sound  and Fatha a “a” sound. 

The word above means  “He wrote”. It consists of letters: Kaaf, Taa, Baa. Since these sounds exist in English you could read it as “Kataba”. See, no vowels in the word, but fathas are there to save the day and make it easier to pronounce!

Most of the Arabic words don’t have  so-called “vocalization”, aside from The Koran and the Bible, but after some time you start to know what the word means and how you should read it. When two words look the same but have different meanings, vocalization’s used to differentiate between them.

That would be all for today, I hope I didn’t sound too boring since Arabic really does deserve to be given a right treatment. You can read my previous posts about Arabic: “Arabic: Easier than you think!” and Sing me your Disney song… in Arabic! here.

I hope you’re doing fine, and ’till the next time!

Yes, I couldn’t end it any other way. Youtube’s just too awesome to be forgotten! I’m going to dedicate Maha an entire blog post soon, but for now…  Thank you for your support, you’re simply the best!

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Productivity heroes: Thomas Frank!

Hello, guys! I haven’t written in almost to weeks, and it  does feel extremely weird since the blog has become my sacred space, but I believe I can be forgiven – exams are coming!  As a freshman, I’m pretty scared of them, and suddenly my life seems to be becoming dangerously stressful just like “Game of Thrones”!

Source/copyrights: cisdragonslair

Sorry guys, I couldn’t just shake it off, because obviously both exams and winter are coming! Even Jon Snow knows it! Maybe. This one time! Ok, I’m done with TV show/book references, and coming straight to the point (finally!) – procrastination is  an enemy of progress, unlike productivity which is BFF of all types of success. Yet, we don’t need to be taught how to procrastinate, but sometimes we need a little course on being productive. Here’s where…

Productivity heroes save the day!

The person who inspires me to keep trying to be productive is Thomas Frank, more known as College Info Geek.  He’s a blogger, youtuber and productivity guru. I mainly follow him by watching his Youtube videos, but he has way more to offer than just that: podcasts, articles and his awesome beard, of course!

Weekly tips and motivation

Thomas publishes, at least, one video a week, and they are really informative. His channel is mainly aimed at college students, but will be useful to anyone willing to become more productive. Every week he discusses ways to learn smarter, deal with stress, land a great job and generally make the best out of everything. Aside from nice editing, Thomas’s videos are really quite well-researched, and most of the times backed up by scientific data. Plus, he’s a great source of recommendation when it comes to various cool apps and websites you have never probably heard about, but should! To conclude: yeah, this guy totally rocks!

My favorite CollegeGeekInfo videos

I believe many of us fall victim to wanting everything to be perfect to the point where we actually… don’t do anything. Thomas has an answer for it!


An ability to speak in front of public is one of the important skills to pick up. Sadly, I’m yet to be more than absolutely hopeless at it, but I’m not giving up. Ideas become more powerful, when they’re spread, so videos on public speaking are always in fashion, aren’t they? For me: totally!

This is a very short video, but I love the message of it. Maybe you will too if you give it a try!

One more thing I have to thank Thomas for aside from motivating me from, you know, becoming a total wreck with no ambitions, is introducing me to Coffitivity. This is a simple website used for imitating that unique cafe’s atmosphere, which many of us fancy and find extremely useful during the process of learning and/or writing. Cafe noises mixed with my Spotify playlist make me much more inspired to work. I would totally recommend you to check Coffitivity out!

I also would like to let you know that I’m definitely going to post more about the Arabic language, and there will be a post about Polish Christmas traditions as well, so stay tuned! Thank you for sticking with me, and reading my little thoughts. It means the world to me. Wherever you are I’m sending you a smile right now. Thank you for your support!  🙂 

Do you have your productivity heroes? What are your tips for staying productive? Do you also have problems with procrastination like me? Please let me know in comments below!

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Power of education

Hello guys! Today I would love to talk about power of education. You might be a bit disappointed now, because why didn’t I choose a cooler subject? Well, for me this is one of the coolest subjects out there, and I felt a need to share my thoughts. Having always been a top student, nobody would say I could hate school, but up from some point I did. Kids are just kids, and they were the reason behind it, so I was still a passionate learner. Even the most boring teachers couldn’t ruin it. Then high school happened. What a strange time it was! Never had I been more happy and miserable, everything in turns. One teacher made me hate the school very much, and as I was very afraid of her, and I would rather stay home or skip classes to go to library than show up at her classes, especially considering her subject was always my Achilles’ heel. It wasn’t a smart idea to skip so many classes, but I didn’t care at that time. To be honest, it was all my fault not hers, but everyone who was ever taught by her will admit she wasn’t a gifted teacher. Like… at all. Anyway, as I started hating school, learning was also becoming less appealing to me. I still did it, but the thrill was partly gone. The thrill of learning something new, which I loved so much. Just after I graduated, I discovered a passionate learner inside me again, and God, it feels good. It’s incredible to learn and redefine who we are, and what we know. Biology, economics, and astronomy became fascinating to me, and I didn’t really pay much attention to them in high school. It’s like exploring a whole new world now. It gives us so many opportunities, and yet we can detest it. Too often educational systems suck, that’s true. They’re incredibly dull, and designed for robots, not kids, but don’t let your inner learner die. Keep it alive, because it’s a great blessing to have access to education.

Source: Pinterest

Millions of people, especially girls, are denied a right to study, and consequently they can’t break from a  vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness. Education is powerful, so let’s not make ourselves powerless, when in fact we have the world in our hands. What’s taken for granted in my or your mind, can be only a dream somewhere else, remember.

Source: http://www.brainyquote

What about you? Do you like learning? Did you like school? Let me know!

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