5 terribly awful symptoms of being in love!

Butterflies in your belly, feeling absolutely over the moon, daydreaming from dawn to dusk – all of these may ring a bell if you have ever been in love. You want to sing and dance, jump and scream and tell everyone how happy you are. Your voice gets louder and more dreamy when Ariana Grande sings “you got me daydreaming” and suddenly you see the face of your one and only. Many of us have been there, and as much as these things may feel amazing, there’s one little “but”. Here is our “BUT” – all these symptoms of being in love exist, but so do less awesome of them. Call it black magic, but I’ll call it true, every coin has more than one side, it actually has two! Here are  5 terribly awful symptoms of being in love!

1. Your voice wants independence too much!

Here we go – conflicts inside our bodies do happen, but it’s a new kind of disobedience. Your voice doesn’t feel like listening to a wiser brain, who knows life better, so it keeps doing its own thing. You want to control it, but it doesn’t care about what you want and tests its complicated range of actions. It seems to switch between few basic modes such as: “Let’s get too shaky”, “too pitchy”, or maybe “let’s see how long can we be silent”. Sometimes it also says awkward things aloud. How about not making me feel so powerless, my dear voice? We both only live once!

2. Roads in your brain get too crowded

Let’s visualize a situation: your brain was working just fine, and now it loads longer than Internet Explorer! Your software’s okay, but the lovebug does its work perfectly. It takes much longer to come up with a nice sentence and respond, and your senses make everything worse! You feel too much for your system to handle everything. Crowded brain roads don’t care!

3. Red’s in style for too long

No matter if you are happy, embarrassed or just in awe, redness may be only one second away, and nothing will save the day because there’s no “stop being red!” button. It may be cute, but if you redness makes you look like a tomato (Like me!), it’s much less fun. Tomatoes all over the world may force be with You!

4. Time loses its substance
You meet at 5, and a minute after it’s already 10. You look at your watch twice, but it’s not broken. It tells the truth, and you have no idea how it is even possible. What’s wrong with being in love dear time? Don’t get too jealous, eventually, I’ll be yours. Everything takes time!

5. Too much or too little – no magical enough!
Balance? What’s that? Being in love, in its first phase, is all about walking between “too much” or “too little”. Too little of time spent together, and too much desire to be together all the time! Almost enough’s never enough, too. Oh love, why are you so irresistible?


That would be all for today. Since exams are coming, I won’t be posting much until they’re over. This is the text I wrote few months  ago, but I hope you liked it. When I finally can start living again… I’m going to write a lot. I really mean it. There are going to be lots of book and movie reviews, and posts about my favorite apps! I hope you’re having an amazing January and thank you for your support!

Yours truly,



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