The art of getting old

The art of getting old is difficult to master. The Evil Queens knows it too well holding her mirror. As she whispers “Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” she secretly knows what the answer might be. First wrinkles show upon her face, and her skin isn’t that glowing anymore. She ends up becoming one of the most-known fairytale villains, but she’s much more than that. She symbolizes our fear of old age and lost beauty. The world, which puts beauty above anything is helpless against the time, and The Evil Queen is more relevant to our fears and hopes than she has ever been because we can all become just like her: obsessed with our passing youth, and not being able to embrace what’s coming. Yesterday I was in a cafe with my friend, and as the conversation was flowing we saw a man observing us with some kind of nostalgia. He was about 80, and could see only with one eye. He kept observing us in silence, and his eyes welled up with tears. I could feel his longing for lost years across the room. It felt heavy and bittersweet as if it was full of different shades. His moves were slow, and then it hit me hard: nothing is granted and nothing is forever. If you want to run a marathon, run it now when your legs still approve that idea. Capture the moment, because it won’t be the same, when you’re older. You will have time for other things then, but you’ll never repeat your youth, so don’t be afraid to be young. Hike. Dance. Try that drink for the first time, and make sure you like your own story. After the elderly man left the cafe my eighteen-year-old friend told me she was afraid of getting old. Her voice suddenly filled with fear and sadness, as if the idea of it itself was stealing her energy. That’s the thing: that idea stays with us all the time, even if only at the back of our mind. I am afraid of getting old. There are great chances you are too. That’s completely okay, but since there’s no going back… let’s live consciously. That’s definitely within our reach.

Yours truly,



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