Here we go… 2016!

Hello, my dear readers! How are you doing? In Poland, it’s already 2016! How fast time flies! I can’t believe how much my life changed within one year. I graduated from high school, was almost in love, moved to another city, met many amazing people and went through several phases of emotional instability. Aside from that, I started my blog in 2015! Exactly on first June, I published my first post called “Coming home”.



This time I got it right. Writing is, and will always be, a core part of who I am, so every time I let words flow it feels like coming home. First months of Paper coffee store were all about Blogger. This was a very beginning, and I will be forever grateful for this amazing platform, but moving the blog into WordPress back in August still seems to be a good decision. 46 posts I managed to write in 2015 are definitely among 100 things I’m glad I did. I hope to publish more in 2016, and I want to let you know it would be much less appealing if it wasn’t for you. I’m happy not to be my only reader. Statistics tell me you come from 64 differents countries, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Together, we are the world. Thank you for all your comments, views and likes. Your support makes me smile every single time and gives my crappy days a little bit of color. You’re my heroes!

I wish you an incredible New Year. May it be a year to grow, to learn, to love and be loved, and to make dreams come true. Wherever you are, and whatever are you doing, I hope you’re enjoying your life. Thanks for existing!

To end with a video would be nice, so I will, but before everything’s said and done, I would like to remind you, and myself too, that the world can be both beautiful and terrible. Bad things happen, and dark side doesn’t always lose, but there’s still kindness and light in this world. Let’s make it a resident of our hearts. Today when I was coming home I took a moment to look at the sky, and what I saw reminded me of the unbelievable beauty of our universe. Hundreds of stars were smiling at me, and at that every moment I felt deeply thankful for being alive. Picture is never only black, or only white: all colors hold enough power to be in the picture, so in 2016 may force be with you, and colors too! Let’s start a new chapter smartly.

Have a lovely day,




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