Polish Christmas traditions!

Hello, guys! How are you doing? Are you excited about Christmas! I know I am! I needed to take a break, and I’m glad I can forget about the world for a few days. Anyway,  today I would love to talk about Polish Christmas traditions. Some of them are quite interesting for foreigners who visit Poland. We decorate Christmas trees and buy lots of presents for everyone else, but there are some things, which basically scream “This is how Poles do it!”.  Here are 3 things about Polish Christmas that might surprise you:

  1. Wafers

Source/copyrights: celiakia.pl

These little wafers play a big role during the Polish Christmas Eve! They’re made of white flour mixed with water. They’re actually very tasty and adults have to hide them from kids, who would love to eat them all! Before the Christmas Eve’s supper, we exchange Christmas greetings and share the wafer. It looks like that: they have a bit of your wafer and you take a bit of theirs. It is a sign of mutual respect and friendliness. Actually, this tradition used to be popular in other parts of Europe as well, but now it seems to be the cultivated mostly in Poland. Anyway, it’s quite nice!


       2. Home alone

Source/copyrights: visitfranklin.com/

I know you might be wondering what this American movie from 90’s has to do with Polish Christmas. My answer? Everything! For many years, one of the most popular Tv channel in Poland used to air “Home alone” during Christmas. Every single year. Everyone kept complaining but watched it anyway. A few years ago that TV channel wanted to change it up, and thousands of people protested by signing a petition to air “Home alone”! It clearly showed that “Home alone” became a Christmas tradition. Unsurprisingly, it will be aired tomorrow too. Hurray!

     3. Fish? Carp, please!

This fish screams “Christmas”! One of 12 dishes you are supposed to eat during the Christmas Eve supper is fish. In Poland it’s Karp. You won’t escape it. I have been seeing billboards promoting Karp since the beginning of December, so let me assure you it’s super popular! Karp? Yes, please.

That would be all for today. Merry Christmas and may force be with you! Shall 2016 be a great year for all of You and thank you for reading my little thoughts. Your comments and your presence give me hope when everything seems to be lost.

Keep up on being awesome, my dear readers!

Have a lovely day,


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