Productivity heroes: Thomas Frank!

Hello, guys! I haven’t written in almost to weeks, and it  does feel extremely weird since the blog has become my sacred space, but I believe I can be forgiven – exams are coming!  As a freshman, I’m pretty scared of them, and suddenly my life seems to be becoming dangerously stressful just like “Game of Thrones”!

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Sorry guys, I couldn’t just shake it off, because obviously both exams and winter are coming! Even Jon Snow knows it! Maybe. This one time! Ok, I’m done with TV show/book references, and coming straight to the point (finally!) – procrastination is  an enemy of progress, unlike productivity which is BFF of all types of success. Yet, we don’t need to be taught how to procrastinate, but sometimes we need a little course on being productive. Here’s where…

Productivity heroes save the day!

The person who inspires me to keep trying to be productive is Thomas Frank, more known as College Info Geek.  He’s a blogger, youtuber and productivity guru. I mainly follow him by watching his Youtube videos, but he has way more to offer than just that: podcasts, articles and his awesome beard, of course!

Weekly tips and motivation

Thomas publishes, at least, one video a week, and they are really informative. His channel is mainly aimed at college students, but will be useful to anyone willing to become more productive. Every week he discusses ways to learn smarter, deal with stress, land a great job and generally make the best out of everything. Aside from nice editing, Thomas’s videos are really quite well-researched, and most of the times backed up by scientific data. Plus, he’s a great source of recommendation when it comes to various cool apps and websites you have never probably heard about, but should! To conclude: yeah, this guy totally rocks!

My favorite CollegeGeekInfo videos

I believe many of us fall victim to wanting everything to be perfect to the point where we actually… don’t do anything. Thomas has an answer for it!


An ability to speak in front of public is one of the important skills to pick up. Sadly, I’m yet to be more than absolutely hopeless at it, but I’m not giving up. Ideas become more powerful, when they’re spread, so videos on public speaking are always in fashion, aren’t they? For me: totally!

This is a very short video, but I love the message of it. Maybe you will too if you give it a try!

One more thing I have to thank Thomas for aside from motivating me from, you know, becoming a total wreck with no ambitions, is introducing me to Coffitivity. This is a simple website used for imitating that unique cafe’s atmosphere, which many of us fancy and find extremely useful during the process of learning and/or writing. Cafe noises mixed with my Spotify playlist make me much more inspired to work. I would totally recommend you to check Coffitivity out!

I also would like to let you know that I’m definitely going to post more about the Arabic language, and there will be a post about Polish Christmas traditions as well, so stay tuned! Thank you for sticking with me, and reading my little thoughts. It means the world to me. Wherever you are I’m sending you a smile right now. Thank you for your support!  🙂 

Do you have your productivity heroes? What are your tips for staying productive? Do you also have problems with procrastination like me? Please let me know in comments below!

Have a lovely day,



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