Revival of the paper coffee store

Hello, guys. This short post is not a part of my normal blogging schedule, but I feel a strong need to type every single word I’m writing now. Past weeks have been quite rough for me, and I feel like it has affected my blog as well. I would love to apologise  you for it  and to be honest, apologise to myself as well. I have moved into the second stage of adaptation to new places: loneliness and homesickness. October excitement and enthusiasm faded away, leaving me hopeless and empty. I didn’t feel creative, nor inspired to write. However, after all, this time, I know I love this blog very much, and I’m going to give it as much attention as I possibly can. Let the revival of the paper coffee store begin.

I am planning on writing more articles on the Arab world, both regarding the language and history which is very fascinating, yet almost completely unknown. There will be also book and movie reviews, possibly new interviews for my series – Shades of the world, real life stories and learning hacks. Moreover, I haven’t forgotten about Spanish, and I hope to write an article about it soon. Generally, get ready for a bit of everything! The website’s layout changed as well. I’m an amateur, but I hope you like it. I believe it goes in line with the vibe of the papercoffestore.

For anyone curious about foreign words used in the layout – they are all greetings, and represent languages I am or will be learning. You may already know that I’m a native Polish speaker, who is learning English, Spanish and Arabic, but what about Hebrew and French? Well, I’m yet to take any of these languages up, yet alone write posts about learning them, but they’re part of my dreams. You see, in my dreams, I can speak  English, Arabic, Spanish, Hebrew, French and Polish (Already done, since I’m a native!) fluently. That’s a great challenge to undertake, but I hope you will accompany me. It would be a pleasure to have you with me.

Last thing: you can check my guest post “Building castles out of all bricks they threw at me”  out on Jonelle’s blog – Tyranny of Pink. It was such an honor  to write for her, and I would genuinely recommend you to check her website out.

Wow, I have already written so much and I hope you don’t mind. Thank you for all your support. Today I’m also going to post something about Jordan’s greatest treasure – Petra. I hope you will like it. Remember that you can stay tuned with me via social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When it comes to twitter, I’m definitely going to tweet more Arabic words, so if you wish to get some taste of the language, join me!


Have a lovely day,


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