5 signs that they don’t fit your life anymore

Hello, guys! Today, it’s time for a little game. Let’s visualize a situation: you have felt deeply connected with a particular person for quite awhile, and now, big bang… the connection is gone. Partly or fully, it’s just not the same anymore, is it? They don’t fit your life, and you feel it deep down.

You are starting to feel bad about it because after all you’ve been through a lot together. Is it a short crisis or a new reality? You’re confused and full of dilemmas. What to do? Move on or leave it as it is? That is a question. Here are 5 signs that they simply don’t fit your life anymore!

1. They make you feel uncomfortable with who you are.

You’ve changed, and so have they. That’s natural, as just like sociology says- we’re constantly changing. They don’t seem to be okay with that, though. They blame you for not staying the same and make you feel guilty about who you are. Is it what you want in your life? Does it fit your perception of happiness or contentment? Answer this question honestly, and then you will have it.

2. You have nothing to talk about anymore.

This one can be terribly painful. You’ve had many incredible conversations, and now you don’t really know how to engage in small talk. The weather’s fine, no breaking news, and here you are with nothing to ask about. Let’s talk about awkward silence, huh? No subjects to discuss can mean you’re just heading in opposite directions, and says a lot about a current status of your relationship.

3. They don’t support your goals and distract you from what you want to become.

Imagine: you’re motivated, ready to rule the world, and suddenly you hear “You’re not made for this. You can’t do it”. It’s likely to weaken your inner strength, and prevent you from reaching your full potential. Some people want us to forever remain in an old frame of what we should be according to them. It doesn’t mean you should let them direct your life. Nothing remains invariable – look at nature and everything around you. Computers used to be different than they are now, and so were you. Everything progresses. You have the right to do so too.

4. They drain you out of your energy.

Just like any other energy vampires, they make you tired and hopeless. Instead of feeling happy when you’re around them, you dream of leaving the moment you arrive. It’s no fun to hang out anymore, and it doesn’t feel right. Just like a puzzle, which doesn’t fit a picture – you simply aren’t compatible with each other.

5. You feel better off without them

That’s the most obvious reason. You might care about them, but you don’t miss their presence. At least not in a current form. You’re doing well without them being around, better than you ever thought you would, and there seems to be no place for them. Misfit alert on! That’s when you finally can say they don’t fit anymore.

These are 5 signs they might be not your “forever’ after all. It is a bitter pill to swallow, but it keeps getting better with time. I was heartbroken when I noticed my long-term friend wasn’t my friend anymore, but with time by my side, I am doing better than ever and I feel inspired. Be around people, who support your growth and life will suddenly become a little bit more lovely.

To end to end on a lighter note, I would love to share with you an absolutely adorable cover of “Can’t help falling in love”, sung by  Haley Reinhart. Enjoy! Remember you can always stay  tuned by following me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What’s your experience in “moving on”? Do you have any useful tips to share? I would love to hear your thoughts about it, so please let me know what you think  in comments!

Have a lovely day,



4 thoughts on “5 signs that they don’t fit your life anymore

  1. mothfly

    had a best friend for quite some time. many years. called her my sister. I trusted we would be there for each other forever. suddenly she found a group of new friends that she loved to spend time with and she had less and less interest in my company. avoided meeting me, so I stopped asking for her time. until one day I just knew I would never see her again. she was happy with them. my breakthrough was that I realised then I have to let go, as she’s not coming back. and I also won’t wait for her. this was good for both of us. hope that she’s okay.


    1. This is very sad, but learning to let go can be helpful in lots of situation, and as much pain as it takes to learn it, it will hurt less in the future. Thanks for sharing your story and stopping by! 🙂


      1. mothfly

        well, it’s not really sad. rather disappointing. it’s not as if I was going to cry only because she decided I’m no longer her best friend. I only wish she had at least the decency to tell it to me and say goodbye. but that’s life. I never bothered to have any other friends after that. turns out it works quite well for me (:


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