Smarter every day: videos of the week!

Hello guys! How are you doing? Myself, I’ve started preparing for college classes, which start in October. This is my first semester ever, so you can see that I’m very excited! As a passionate learner, I decided to start the next series, called “Smarter every day”, so I could share with you my learning hacks, favorite educational videos, and so on. I know that college life can make me like learning a bit less, so I have to arm myself against this threat, and keep learning fun. I hope to do it with you! Here we go – smarter every day: videos of the week!

  1. Minute physics – Why it’s impossible to tune piano?

I love music, but I have never been very interested in the way music instruments work. Then… this video appeared and I see how much I missed out! One of the best 4 minutes spent online this week! The video is well-done and truly interesting, so I highly recommend you to watch it, and maybe even subscribe to  this channel!

           2. Crash course – Neutron Stars: Crash Course Astronomy

You know how much I love Crashcourse – I manifested my love for this channel in the post about my favorite learning channels. Their astronomy series seems to be my favorite one! It’s incredibly fascinating! Don’t hesitate to find out more about neutron stars, because you’ll feel smarter, I guarantee! At least I do!

          3. My Trip To Haiti | Karlie Kloss

This is not a typical learning video, but you can indeed learn from it! Karlie Kloss, who is a model, decided to visit Haiti and help the organisation called “Every Mother Counts”. In this video, we can see all shades of the world, and be reminded once again that we’re all people, and we should support each other, no matter what our skin color, race, and religion is.

           4.  Braincraft: Do Dogs Dream?

My little dog is barking outside, and I can’t help, but think how much dogs rule. How much I know about them, though? How much do we all know about them? New video by Braincraft answers a simple question: do dogs dream? Must-watch!

         5. Unearthing the Old Village | INDIE ALASKA

Discover Alaska’s new shades! The video is a gripping narrative of Alaska’s past, and present. I loved it. Maybe you will too!

These are my favorite educational videos this week! What are yours? Last, but not least: I would like to share with you my three favorite channels about learning.

  1. Study with Jess

I absolutely adore this channel, as it’s full of fun videos about studying! Study tips, awesome “Do it yourself” videos, ways to get organised – you can find everything you need there, especially if you are still a student!

          2.  Thomas Frank

I always look forward to Thomas Frank’s videos! They’re very useful, yet entertaining and they can make an organised person out of you. Or at least… a little bit more organised person! Thomas Frank all the way!

         3. How to adult

How to adult teaches us how to be adults! It covers variety of subjects: from getting organised to paying taxes, doing your laundry and all these things, which adults should be able to do! It’s perfect for young adults, but its entertaining formula makes it a good watch for everyone. I definitely recommend you to give it a try!

That’s all for today – Explore, dream, discover and make a new week count! Plus, thanks for visiting my blog, you’re truly amazing!

Have a lovely day,



8 thoughts on “Smarter every day: videos of the week!

  1. Totally awesome!!! I love everything and anything educational (hence why I’m a health coach!) So this gets two thumbs up in my book. Kudos to you for having that urge to share knowledge 🙂


  2. Such a cool selection of educational videos! You’re probably a big fan of TED talks too? I just love them to learn about new things in a small period of time 🙂

    x, Juliet


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