God, bless the tech: Open2study

Hello guys! It’s already September and I can’t help but wonder: will time ever feel slow? I know you might be thinking about all these times you felt so embarrassed, and yet the clock seemed to stop for the first time. God knows how many awkward situations I’ve been in, but generally speaking… time’s a great runner, winning all marathons, and I hope it will be a kind runner too, when I get older. Is it too much to ask for? Don’t answer that, please, in name of my last hope! Anyway, today I’m all about tech. I finally completed my Anthropology and Understanding the Origins of Crime courses, and I couldn’t be more happy about it, so it’s about time I wrote a review of a learning platform called Open2study.

Open2study is an Australian learning platform, and it works a bit like Coursera (You can find my post about Coursera here ), meaning you’re offered both free and paid courses, but as your account is totally free, you can choose and you aren’t expected to pay for anything, unless you chose a paid course yourself. Variety of universities from Australia offer their courses via Open2study. There are 49 free courses, which last for 4 weeks, and each month they begin again, so you always have a chance to try again if you somehow don’t make it in a particular month.


As a student, I’m yet to support myself financially, and that’s why I’m mainly interested in free courses, so I’ll give them my full attention. Nevertheless, don’t forget about paid courses, they may come handy in your work or maybe become vital to expanding your knowledge about subjects you love, if any of free courses doesn’t really interest you. Myself, I completed two free courses via Open2study (Anthropology and Understanding the Origins of Crime) and I must admit I loved it. Each module is made of videos, quizzes, and one assessment work, which tests your knowledge about the module you finished. Each video is usually up to 10 minutes, so it’s not too long, and lecturers seem to be great. The little, yet great thing? Subtitles and transcripts. As English is my second language I like to see what’s being said just to make sure I understood everything perfectly. It also could help people, who have problems with hearing, and those who generally enjoy watching videos with subtitles.

Bez tytułu


I’m planning on starting 3 courses this month: Astronomy; Discovering the Universe, Online Advertising and Writing for the Web. I’m not sure if I can find enough time to complete all of them, but I’ll try my best. New courses start on 7th September, so don’t hesitate to join the website, if you only can. Aside from courses I was talking about, you can also get down to Basic Physics, Chinese Language and Culture, Foundations of psychology, Financial Planning, The Art of Photography and many more. They’re all free.
To sum up, I can genuinely recommend Open2study to everyone willing to learn, especially to those, who don’t have time for attending any classes. It’s fun, free and totally awesome. God, bless the tech and Open2study, please!

The last thing… Three quotes challenge! I was nominated by Charlotte, who is truly an amazing blogger, and you can check her posts out  here. I highly recommend you to do so, because it’s so worth it. Thank you for nominating me, Charlotte!  Anyway, the rules of the challenge are:

1. Post your favorite quotes or your own quotes for three posts in a row.
2. Thank the person who nominated you.
3. Pass it on to three other bloggers per quote, each time you post them.

My favorite quote is probably known by everyone, and may be cliché , but I don’t really care, because I believe in it. Here it is:

Source: quotasis.com

I would love to nominate three incredible bloggers: Amanda, Kara and Haley.

Thanks for sticking with me through the post! Keep shining! 🙂

Have a lovely day,




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