Thinking outside the box: Taiwan

Hello guys! This  is one of my first posts in my brand new blogging space called WordPress. It’s exciting to start anew, and as much as I liked Blogger, I’m very content with what WordPress offers me. Anyway, today I dare you to think outside the box, and restrain from judgements for five minutes, okay? We’re going to get to know Taiwan a bit more.  It’s a sovereign state in East Asia, but officially – the Republic of China.


People speak Mandarin Chinese there, and you might think they are exactly like Chinese people, but… no. Each place holds its own uniqueness, and so does Taiwan. You might have their Tablets or other electronics in your home, brought to you by Asus, and you might have heard about Taiwan, and how fast it’s developing. Taiwan deserves your attention, so I decided to interview my Taiwanese friend – Amy – and get an insider look on how it’s to live there.

Jessie (Me): What’s your favorite thing about living in Taiwan?

Amy: Convenient for everything, like going out for food at 3 am is possible in Taiwan. Transportation is really fast as well.

Jessie: Do you – as a nation – have any strange – to foreigners – habits?

Amy: Like in Taiwan we usually don’t party at home and don’t drink a lot of alcohol, so when some Polish people hear that, they think we are strange and when we eat, we eat with chopsticks. They think that it’s impossible to use two sticks to eat.

Jessie: How would you describe the capital city – Taipei – in one sentence?

Amy: Busy, crowded, quick lifestyle.

Jessie: As you were living in Poland for a few months, could you tell me how different is Taiwan to Poland?

Amy: The difference between Taiwan and Poland is really big. We eat different kind of food, speak different languages, and our lifestyle is very different as well! Like Taiwanese go to sleep late but  in Poland people go to sleep early and even the stores closed early! That’s really different.

Jessie: What would you say about Taiwan’s cuisine?

Amy: In my opinion, it’s delicious. But I think Chinese kind of food creeps out a lot of foreigners . Like we eat pig, not only just for the meat, but also most of the organs, because we are trying not to waste any part of an animal. But:Taiwanese doesn’t eat dogs and cats! That’s very important, because most foreigners think that Taiwanese eat dogs and cats.

Jessie: Do you, as Taiwan people, like the popular brand Asus, or is it less liked in its home country?

Amy: I will say it’s popular in Taiwan, because it’s not very expensive and it’s high quality.

Jessie: What tips would you give to anyone trying to learn your language?

Amy: Chinese language has been said to be a hard language to learn. But in Taiwan I met a lot of foreigners who speak Chinese very well. But for Polish people I don’t think it would hard for you because I think Polish is much more harder.

Jessie: If you were to take a one-week vacation in Taiwan, where would you go, and why?

Amy: At summer Taiwan is very hot and humid, so if  I was having a vacation now, I would like to go to the mountains and enjoy the fresh air and get out of the crowded cities.


That’s how Amy answered all of my questions. Big thanks to her, because she’s truly awesome. I recommend anyone taking a trip to Taiwan. I know I will someday!

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What about you? Have you ever been to Taiwan? Are you considering it? What is your greatest experience connected to “thinking outside the box”?

Have a lovely day,




16 thoughts on “Thinking outside the box: Taiwan

  1. my family is from taiwan, so i think it’s cool that you did a post like this(: and yes, it’s way hot in the summers. unfortunately, i know this first hand because the last two times i visited were in the summer haha. and i hope you get to visit sometime! i recommend going in the spring


  2. I just returned home to the US after teaching in Taiwan for six years. I have lots of stories about Taiwan. Some area already in my blog, but I have many more to post. Congrats on your new blog! 🙂


  3. momwithf

    Love your new blog feature. It’s very nice. It’s a great post. I’ve never been in Taiwan but one of my friends has lived there for several years. It must be a very interesting place. Good luck with WP!


      1. momwithf

        She was there with her family, his boy was born there. They really want to go back so I think the whole family enjoyed it.
        Have a nice weekend.


  4. Hi Jessie,

    Congratulations on the move from Blogger to WordPress. I just recently made the move as well and I am loving it! I really enjoyed reading this post. I’m always looking to learn more about new countries and cultures to make additions to my travel bucket list. My husband and I have a friend who plays basketball over in taiwan and he absolutely loves it. Thanks for sharing.

    Allison Jones


    1. Hi Allison! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 WordPress is truly magic! Aww, that’s so awesome to hear! I hope you will get to visit him and discover Taiwan on your own. 🙂 Xo


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