Half agony, half hope – Kyland by Mia Sheridan

Hello guys! How are you doing? Today is the day to share my mini-review of the book, which was my friend for a one beautiful evening, though I kind of believe books will remain our friends forever, against everything, especially the ticking clock. Anyway, THE book is called “Kyland” and was written by Mia Sheridan. Published in 2015, it could be definitely named a so called “new adult book”.

Source: Goodreads

Now, don’t get fooled by its cover, because it doesn’t lack depth, but I’ll be talking about it a bit later. The book tells a story of two young people, a girl named Tenleigh Falyn and a boy – Kyland Barrett. They both live in a small coal mining town, which seems to be forgotten even by God himself. Poverty and hunger are no news in their town filled with hopelessness, what makes both Tenleigh and Kyland want to leave it as soon as possible. There’s a way to do it – Tyton Coal Scholarship, which pays all university and living expenses for that one lucky and hard-working student, who comes at the top of his class. Guess what? They both want to win, but as they start getting to know each other, trying to avoid commitment, everything gets complicated. It’s not exactly your typical love story, though it doesn’t lack romance or steamy scenes. Not at all. Nevertheless, it’s also a story of poverty, which shouldn’t be idealised, hopelessness, which defeats people and infinite power of hope and love. I spent a great evening reading it, and it made me rethink the way I took everything for granted: a warm blanket, my favorite tea and spaghetti for dinner. I would definitely recommend you giving this book a try. It might be so worth it!

Source: novelgrounds.com

Have you ever read “Kyland” or any other book by Mia Sheridan? What was the last book you have read? Let me know!

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