Power of education

Hello guys! Today I would love to talk about power of education. You might be a bit disappointed now, because why didn’t I choose a cooler subject? Well, for me this is one of the coolest subjects out there, and I felt a need to share my thoughts. Having always been a top student, nobody would say I could hate school, but up from some point I did. Kids are just kids, and they were the reason behind it, so I was still a passionate learner. Even the most boring teachers couldn’t ruin it. Then high school happened. What a strange time it was! Never had I been more happy and miserable, everything in turns. One teacher made me hate the school very much, and as I was very afraid of her, and I would rather stay home or skip classes to go to library than show up at her classes, especially considering her subject was always my Achilles’ heel. It wasn’t a smart idea to skip so many classes, but I didn’t care at that time. To be honest, it was all my fault not hers, but everyone who was ever taught by her will admit she wasn’t a gifted teacher. Like… at all. Anyway, as I started hating school, learning was also becoming less appealing to me. I still did it, but the thrill was partly gone. The thrill of learning something new, which I loved so much. Just after I graduated, I discovered a passionate learner inside me again, and God, it feels good. It’s incredible to learn and redefine who we are, and what we know. Biology, economics, and astronomy became fascinating to me, and I didn’t really pay much attention to them in high school. It’s like exploring a whole new world now. It gives us so many opportunities, and yet we can detest it. Too often educational systems suck, that’s true. They’re incredibly dull, and designed for robots, not kids, but don’t let your inner learner die. Keep it alive, because it’s a great blessing to have access to education.

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Millions of people, especially girls, are denied a right to study, and consequently they can’t break from a  vicious circle of poverty and hopelessness. Education is powerful, so let’s not make ourselves powerless, when in fact we have the world in our hands. What’s taken for granted in my or your mind, can be only a dream somewhere else, remember.

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What about you? Do you like learning? Did you like school? Let me know!

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10 thoughts on “Power of education

  1. Love this, and I agree totally! My kids both just left for college, one starting , and the other in grad school, so proud of them. I am also a reading teacher, so really appreciate this post!

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  2. This post is so true and so important!! I’m a teacher who loves learning and teaching. I have always loved school but if I could go back now, I would really try and soak every opportunity I had to learn I’m high school.


    1. I also would do some things a bit differently now, but I guess that every decision took us to where we are now. 🙂 Thanks for your support and comment! Xo


  3. Sharleen O.

    I’m only a teenager and so still in school. I don’t enjoy lessons and school because of the people around me. Constant disruption and students’ unwillingness to learn takes the enjoyment out of class and learning and in fact, makes it very frustrating. Nevertheless, I appreciate immensely the easy access I have to education and can’t imagine going through day to day life without the knowledge I have thanks to school. Great post, it was a really lovely read x



  4. Charlie

    Education (both in school and outside of school) is the key to developing skills and to acquire / strengthen values. I am so grateful I got raised by a loving family, in a country where education is a fundemental right. My mom is a teacher; she is passionate about her profession and the kids. She has transmitted that passion to us (and I am so grateful she did). I think that education is something we will be connected to our whole lives. Life is a learning process and all the experiences we live shape us as individuals 🙂
    Thank you for that post!


    1. I agree with everything you’ve said, and I must admit you wrote it it beautifully. I’m always happy to come across people, who also love learning. Thank you for your support! Have a lovely day – Jessie

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  5. Love this topic. My parents were not educated back home and having the opportunity to have a degree was an achievement and I believe education is the key to success in Life and we all deserve the chance to be provided with an education. Am happy you were able to regain your passion again for learning and continue to learn never stop and the world will be limitless.

    Love your work beautiful glad I found your blog..
    Follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin and will follow back


    1. Such a beautiful comment – I truly agree with you! I hope one day every and each person will be given a right to study. I’ll make sure to follow you on these platforms! Xo


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