Malala: one book and one pen can change the world

Hi, guys! It’s a Sunday evening in Poland, and the sky is filled with little stars, smiling at me. As their fading light is already a memory when it reaches our Earth, it’s like the past encouraging us to keep on going. Little miracles of every day can also be beautiful. Another of the little miracles is that you can read that text. No, by no means I imply it’s awesome. What’s awesome, though, is the fact you were given an opportunity to learn how to read. It might seem quite normal, but millions of people were never able to go to school, and education helps fight too many problems for this not to be a big issue. Malala Yousafzai is a girl, who decided to stand up for the fundamental right of every human – the access to education. As the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate, she became a symbol of the fight against terrorism and violation of human rights. Born in Pakistan, she had to leave her beloved home country after she was shot on her way home from school. Malala, being only 18-year-old, lives in England now, and in 2013, she published a book – “I Am Malala: The Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban”.


After having read that book, I would love to share my thoughts about it with you, so let’s call it a mini-review. Malala’s story is set in Pakistan, and page by page we follow her daily life – from school fights with her best friends to financial struggles of her family, and we witness the process in which Malala became so passionate about human, especially girls’, rights. The book tells not only a story of one girl, but of the entire community. It educates us on Pakistani history and is abundant in life wisdom. The book, created by both Malala and Christina Lamb, is written in a pleasant, simple, yet convincing manner. The Nobel Prize laureate portrays herself as a regular girl with dreams to change the world. She fights with her friend, and can be moody, but never does she give up on her dreams to guarantee everyone an access to education. I believe her book holds a great message, and can inspire us to be kind. It is surely worth reading and I would definitely recommend you to give Malala some of your time. It would be nice to end with a quote, so I will.



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Have you ever heard about Malala? Who are your role models? Let me know!

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