How to hack life

Hello guys! How are you doing? Today, exactly on 19th July 2015, I’m going to talk about something I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile now, and it would be… hacking life. See, myself I’ve always easily lost motivation and got lost in circles of procrastination, but it took me nowhere, and it will never help my dreams come true. I’ve always known it, and from time to time I fought against it, only to give up one more time. Now I’m a bit wiser, and I know failure, indeed, does support success, so I decided to start again, and if necessary again and again, until I get it right. What motivates me to strive for improvement is Lifehack. You might have heard about it, and if not, I would totally recommend you to check it out. ( — here you are.) It’s the online temple for anyone  interested in self-improvement, and learning ways to make life a bit easier. Articles, which are published there cover lots of subjects but main categories are called: communication, lifestyle, money, productivity, tech and work. Each one includes subcategories, so you can read an article almost about everything. Thousands of new ideas and tips are what you will surely get every time you decide to give Lifehack some of your time.

Anyway, lifehack inspired me to get back on the right track and reminded me about a TED video I watched many days ago. Its message was simple – try doing (or not doing) something for 30 days, and watch your life change. You might be wondering: what can I change in 30 days? Well, this approach is praised for its simplicity for a reason. Imagine that it’s the  first of January and you’re writing your goals for next 12 months. Let’s say you’ve just written 12 of them down, and you’re looking at them with pride as you’re determined to accomplish them all. After a month, though, you’ve most probably (at least it’s the case with many, many of us) given up, because it was just too much to handle. Now let’s change your approach – you change one thing per month. As the year ends, it’s possible you’ve accomplished all of your 12 goals, because you took your time and focused on one thing for a certain period of time ( 30 days). This is what I’m going to do. Some articles suggest 21- day challenges as well, so you could also do it this way. They’re so many ideas for challenges, and you know the best what you need, but in my mind I sorted them into three basic categories: the ones which include not doing something (e.g: refraining from eating sweets for 30 days), the ones which are all about small things, which usually don’t require much time or effort (e.g: reading one poem  everyday for 30 days) and finally the ones which require quite a lot time or/and effort (e.g long walks every day, learning a new language). I believe it could be the way to hack life for people, who have as little strong will or self-discipline as I do. Below you can watch the TED video I’ve mentioned before.


What about you? Do you also have problems with self-discipline? Have you ever tried 30- day challenges? Let me know in comments!
Have a lovely day,

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