"Aye, Sassenach" – the story of how I fell in love

Hi, guys! It’s a Sunday afternoon and Spotify’s “pop chillout” playlist is on, so there’s no better time to write a new post. This time, there will be lots of love, adoration, and admiration because I’m going to introduce you something I absolutely love. As a big fan of fiction, I would always spend hours reading or watching TV shows and movies. It would make me joyful for hours, even when life seemed to be a pointless drama show with a terribly awful script. However, due to a continuous pressure, I stopped enjoying activities, which defined me. It was terrifying and made me realize how precious it was to spend time in front of books. Checking facebook every hour or laying on the floor doing nothing – that was a real waste of time, not doing what I loved. The damage was already done, so I was afraid I would forever remain a loveless, passionless ex-bookworm. Only God knows how suffocating that fear was! When I was almost over the fact that I lost that part of me forever… a miracle happened! I came across a TV show called “Outlander”. Bingo! This is how I entered a land of happy fiction geeks again,  proud to be back! Now I will tell you everything you need to know about “Outlander” to fall in love forever.

The first episode was aired last August, so it’s a newbie in a TV world. The story itself, however, is much older. It’s an adaptation of Diana Gabaldon’s novels, which have been available on book shops’ shelves for over 20 years. The show follows a story of Claire Randall, who finds herself transported to Scotland of 1743 when she encounters mysterious stones of Craigh Na Dun in Scottish Highlands. Having been accustomed to life in 1945, Claire experiences a shock upon discovering she has to live in a seventeenth century’s society full of superstitions, brutal violence, and wars. During her journey through Scotland, she is accompanied by a brave Scottish warrior Jamie Fraser, and caught between two worlds and battles, which are not even her to fight. It is a tale of love, infinite hope, and unpredictability of tomorrow. Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, and Tobias Menzies, who play the show’s main characters  excel at their work, managing to capture plausible portraits of complicated human beings. To give justice, when it is needed, the entire cast was chosen wisely. A well written, often brutal, yet also funny and adorable script makes the show a bit outstanding. “Outlander” is no violence-free, but such scenes are required as they are in line with a historical reality. All in all,  if you were to try something new, I would recommend you checking if “Outlander” is for you. If so, maybe you’ll have the best time you could be given in front of a TV screen.  If you never try, you’ll never know. Aye? Aye! Below you can see the show’s official trailer.


To end with a poem would be poetically nice, so enjoy! This time, it’s something mine.

The aquarium was my home,
and you looked like a sea,
I longed to get lost in your waves
and your arms friendly welcomed me. 
I thought I belonged there, 
under your starry stare. 
I guess it was just a stop by, 
so we both learned to be less shy. 
I still like the way you smile – 
you were beautifully worthwhile, 
but as our paths reverse – 
farewell, my favorite old universe.

Have  a lovely day,



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